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The Drama and Dance Department’s fall season of dance and drama brings together nationally renowned directors and choreographers, esteemed teachers and talented students to produce innovative and original productions that entertain and explore the human condition.

The fall season features a mix of live and in-person performances at the Center for the Arts, as well as streaming performances at

Range :

Zodiac Dance Company
Live shows
Oct. 16: 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Oct. 17: 2 p.m.
Arts center
Main stage and dramatic theater

Online streaming shows
29-30 Oct: 7:30 p.m.
Oct. 31: 2 p.m.
School Representation: Oct. 29, 10 a.m.

UB’s pre-professional dance company, Zodiaque will be back on stage at the Center for the Arts in close collaboration with students and professors from the Design and Technology program. The company’s 47th fall program features jazz, modern and contemporary ballet dance.

The show is co-directed by faculty members Kerry Ring, Michael Deeb Weaver, and Lynne Koscielniak. Choreographers include Ring, Deeb Weaver and dance faculty members Melanie Aceto, Tom Ralabate and Chanon Judson, BFA ’01, co-artistic director of New York-based dance company Urban Bush Women. MFA candidates Anna Caison Boyd, Jacquie Cherry and Meg Kirchhoff will also present works. Kirchhoff’s piece will be a dance on film in situ.

“We want to highlight the virtual aspects of the dance performance and the ways to present the dance,” says Deeb Weaver. “Having UB at the forefront of this multimedia experience at a night of dance is exciting. “

Professional guest choreographer Takehiro “Take” Ueyama, director of the Take Dance Company, will contribute to the show.

Act 1 of each live performance of Zodiac will take place in the Drama Theater, while Act 2 will move into the Main Theater. One of the live performances October 16-17 will be filmed for viewing online October 29-31, allowing audiences outside the Buffalo area, or those unable to attend a performance in direct, to also enjoy the show.

Showcase of emerging choreographers
Live shows
Nov 6: 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
November 7: 2 p.m.
Dramatic Theater, Arts Center

Online streaming performance
Nov 18-20: 7:30 p.m.
November 21: 2 p.m.

The 2021 Emerging Choreographers (ECS) Showcase “Embracing Action” is directed by Joyce Miller Lichtenberger and features new dance works created by graduate and undergraduate choreographers. In keeping with the various traditions of the department, ECS celebrates the diversity of genres and themes, presenting works ranging from contemporary to jazz to modern and more. Innovative lighting and projection designs by theater design and technology students, under the mentorship of Lynne Koscielniak, add to the collaboration.

MFA dance showcase
Live shows
Nov 19-20: 7:30 p.m.
Katharine Cornell Theater, Ellicott Complex
Tickets (select “Calendar”)

The MFA Fall Showcase offers a glimpse into the creative process of dance creation, with works in various stages of completion from current MFA dance students. The showcase offers a space for choreographers to experiment and innovate performance based on movement. These works are often generated in collaboration with other artists, and the showcase provides a space for choreographers to experiment and innovate movement-based performances. The concert is under the direction of the candidate for the master’s in dance Meg Kirchhoff, under the supervision of the faculty of Jeanne Fornarola, clinical professor.

The showcase features the work of choreographer Natasha McCandless who explores the text and themes of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and includes ideas around the theme of community, sacrifice and conflict. Samantha Schmeer will present a solo work that combines movement with nature and macabre elements to explore ideas of permanence. Other choreographers include Anna Caison Boyd, Jacqueline Cherry, Abby Cass, and Meg Kirchhoff.

UB’s dance program is based on the belief that dance is a fundamental expression of humanity with the ability to inform, transform, reflect and lead local and global change in the 21st century. With close faculty mentorship and plenty of opportunities to create and present work, MFA dance students engage in advanced practical, theoretical and critical research while honing their abilities as artists, dance creators. , educators, writers, innovators, academics, policy makers and leaders.

“Red bike”, by Caridad Svich
Live shows
Dec 4 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
December 5: 2 p.m.
Drama theater
Tickets (select “Calendar”)

Online streaming shows
10-11 Dec. : 7:30 p.m.
December 12: 2 p.m.

A bike! A red bike! The bike! Do you remember being 11 years old and having the bike of your dreams?

“Red Bike”, by Caridad Svich, explores the possibilities the world has to offer using lyrical lyrics, classroom ideas and social commentary, traversing time and memory, all from a child’s perspective .

Guest director Victoria Pérez is an accomplished theater artist, director and artist-teacher. She is the co-founder and artistic director of Raíces Theater Company, the only theater company in western New York City dedicated to the development, nourishment and production of modern and original works addressing the Latin experience. Victoria graduated in musical theater from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City and has performed and toured in New York and Puerto Rico.

Tickets for performances at the Arts Center are $ 20 for general admission and $ 10 for students and seniors. Buy your tickets online. (select “Calendar” under “Events and Exhibits”) For more information or to bill by phone, call 716 645-6915.

Tickets are $ 5 for performances at the Katharine Cornell Theater. Buy your tickets online. To top up by phone call 716-645-6915; for more information call 716-645-6921.


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