Blow of heart for the group SONG of Dundalk as the live concert was canceled at the last minute



Dundalk’s youth musical theater group SONG was heartbroken last week when their live concert had to be canceled at the last minute due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The group was supposed to perform their “Feels Like Home” concert for two nights at the An Tain Arts Center, but there is good news for audiences who can now watch it online on Saturday August 7th at 8pm.

“We thought we had done everything right and went on Wednesday morning for a technical race,” said Terese Dunne, who ran the show. Paul Hayes, director of An Tain, then told us that there had been a government announcement the night before that no indoor concerts by amateurs or youth groups were allowed under COVID restrictions. -19 – only professional productions. “

Naturally, the group was emptied because it was to be their first gig in over a year.

“We had checked everything and were told that once we followed the guidelines everything was fine. There would have been only 50 people in the audience each night and we were limiting the number of performers on stage to everything. moment.”

“’I was completely exhausted emotionally,” she admits. “I mean, what’s the difference between an amateur and professional production when it comes to safety?” “

They had taken all possible measures to ensure that the production had ticked all the boxes, even going so far as to ask the young cast members to keep their own “bubbles” for the week before the show and to organize events. repeats on Zoom.

As the news took their breath away, Terese says it was actor and photographer Andrew Brown who suggested they film him and stream the show live instead.

So, in the age-old tradition that the “show must go one,” Terese and Rosemary Winkless then began the task of reducing what were supposed to be two separate concerts into one show.

The cast members then went to the theater on Thursday for the shoot, but instead of having a happy reunion with their friends, they were given time slots so that only one act was on stage at a time.

“They were able to wear their costumes and sing on stage, but that was not what they were working towards,” she said.

The actors sang with all their hearts for an awe-inspiring concert of favorite songs from movies and musicals that can now be watched by audiences from the comfort of their own homes.

“Even before that, we had requests from family members to see if the show would be streamed, so at least now more people can see it.”

However, SONG lost the proceeds from ticket sales and still has to bear the costs of staging the show.

“People have been very understanding because they know it is now our fault.”

To see ‘Feels Like Home’, log on to the An Tain Arts Center website, Tickets for this concert online cost € 10 plus a booking fee of € 1.50.



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