Fans react to mask warrant at Styx concert


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Despite the ongoing debate over mask warrants, everyone seems to agree that they were eager to attend a concert. The Styx concert was postponed several times so everyone was delighted to be there.

“It’s been a really exciting day, everyone is ready to be back to the shows. This concert went on sale about 2 years ago, so some people have kept their tickets for that long. Everyone is really happy to be here, really happy to hear live music again. We’re really excited, ”said Ginger Harper, director of sales and marketing at Old National Events Plaza.

This is the first full capacity concert on the hall and fans had to dress up.

“So masks are required around the hall during tonight’s performance, unless you eat or drink. And that goes for all areas of our site. We expect some people to take off their masks if they eat or drink, but the rule is to put them back on if you are in general spaces or if you are not consuming one of our concessions, ”added Harper.

Some said they were not happy with the mandate, but others said they were indifferent.

“Well, we’re not very excited about it, we wish we didn’t have to wear them. But I understand that I guess if you need it to keep me safe and protect others – okay, okay… I don’t really know if it protects me. It’s pretty, it’s decorative. It’s a piece of fabric, ”said Barb Hettesheimer, a fan who attended the show.

On the other side, many people said they were happy to bring back masks in public.

Connie Pollard attended the show with her brother and said, “This is about the safety of the public, we are all safe. You have the prerogative to hide or not to hide, to stay at home or to stay in a place to ensure the safety of the public so that we do not spread this virus. “

Harper said there are many more concerts at Old National Events Plaza throughout the fall. From now on, masks will be mandatory.


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