Ticket prices for concerts are expected to increase due to inflation


Rising fuel and gasoline costs and a labor shortage could lead to price increases.

The managing director of MCD Productions said he believes there will be an increase in ticket prices for concerts next year due to inflation.

Denis Desmond made the comments on Today with Claire Byrne on Friday, May 20, where he said MCD was seeing an increase in the cost of putting on a show “across the board”.

“You obviously have the fuel boosts that everyone knows about,” he explained.

“But on top of that, there’s a labor shortage… A lot of people left the company during the pandemic, found other jobs.

“So because of that, there’s a shortage of people, so you have to hire new people, train them.

“The good thing is that people who are still in the industry, there’s a high demand for their time but there’s a shortage of it.

“So in many cases … we are transporting labor from Germany, Budapest, places like that.

“And the increased cost is the extra time involved in their flights, hotels and obviously when there’s high demand people charge a premium rate.”

Desmond told the show that there is particularly high demand in the industry for electricians, riggers and security, before adding that insurance costs associated with hosting shows have also increased. in a significative way.

However, the chief executive also said that customers “will not see an increase in ticket prices this summer”.

“In fact, ticket prices for the majority of shows are already on sale and many of them, ticket prices are held very well at 2019, 2020 prices,” he said.

“I think future shows there will be an increase.

“And obviously I think you’ll see a slight increase in ticket prices for shows that happen in 2023.

“But the majority of events are already operational for 2022 and are on sale.”


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