No response from Genesis concert ticket refund | Ticket prices


I bought tickets for Genesis’s The last domino toured at the O2 in London last year but due to Covid it was postponed twice.

After it was rescheduled a second time I decided to sell my tickets because for health reasons, it was going to be difficult for me to go there.

I sold the tickets through the official seller AXS and has been said the money would go to my designated PayPal account within 10 business days of the concert. It was in March. Now it’s two months later and I still have no money.

I emailed and emailed (there is no number to call). Tried the website live chat but got cut out. I am on my knees as to what to do next.

It was harder than it should have been for you to get your hands on the proceeds from ticket sales. Despite AXS’ promise to provide a “simple customer journey”, we had to go through a circuitous route to find someone to fix this problem.

However, after we contacted customer service and filed a complaint on your behalf, AXS acted quickly. He thanked us for bringing the issue to his attention and contacted you directly to arrange for the transfer of funds to your account.

The heist was blamed on a mix-up with multiple email addresses, although you are unconvinced that this was the root cause and are frustrated that your attempts to contact AXS have gone unanswered. Nonetheless, you’re delighted to get your £169 back and you’re going to use that money to help pay for your holiday.

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