Man guilty of deception in concert ticket deal



THREE tickets to a big music festival weekend were bought and paid for, but when the taped envelope arrived it was empty.

The man who sold the tickets has repeatedly claimed that he posted the tickets for the event and they must have been missing.

However, homeless James Carpenter has now confessed to committing the crime of deception and sent an empty envelope to future spectators. He was sentenced to five months in prison. He brought compensation of € 650 to the Cork District Court to pay all of the money he defrauded.

Electric picnic tickets

The crime dated back to August 28, 2014, and the non-existent tickets concerned Electric Picnic. At least that’s what buyers thought they would get through the online contact.

“Mr. Carpenter was to send three tickets. But the buyer received an empty envelope by registered mail.

“He insisted on sending the tickets when contacted by the buyer again,” said Sgt John Kelleher.

However, he later admitted to the crime. Sgt. Kelleher said: “He knowingly mailed an envelope without tickets.”

However, full admissions have now been made. The 31-year-old had previously been convicted of similar offenses.

Frank Buttimer, a lawyer, said the accused had had traumatic difficulties in his life and was recently in prison in Scotland. He had a gambling addiction which was at the root of the ticket offenses from which he used the proceeds to finance his gambling.

“He did his best to come back and face the music.

“It’s a bad offense but he has a very limited record,” Mr. Buttimer said.

Judge Kelleher said: “He’s paid off now – although seven years later, but he’s paid off.”

Judge Kelleher sentenced the accused to five months in prison.



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