Luke Bryan was kicked in the head during the concert after the singer jumped off the stage to adjust the smoke machine



Luke Bryan’s Proud to be here tour is officially booming, and the country music megastar has specific demands on how he would like his production team to run his shows.

While many A-listers demand that their green spaces be filled to the brim with delicious treats… the “Play It Again” singer doesn’t need fog machines, as it tends to affect his vocal cords. On Friday, September 24, during her concert in Phoenix, Arizona at the AK-Chin Pavilion, the native Georgia Artist and ACM Title Artist of the Year jumped off the stage in the middle of her set to pull off the huge machine.

Next up was his manager, running to the rescue. In the midst of the frantic task, the worried manager kicked the multi-platinum performer in the head.

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Shortly after the brutal exit from the stage, he mentioned the incident to the thousands of screaming fans standing in front of him. “The smoke machines dry my shit, and that smoke machine was making my ass explode.” So I went over there to cut that machine off, and my stage manager jumped over there and kicked me in the back of the head.

“I looked up and thought a speaker had fallen on my head,” Bryan said, putting his arm on his hip and laughing at the random situation. Video of the crash surfaced on TikTok on Monday, September 27, when a social media user uploaded the footage live and even slowed it down.

“I was there too… I liked the way he told us what happened next. I was in the back, so we had no idea, ”shares a viewer in the comments. While many country music fans commented on the sudden disruption, others were quick to mention how much he looked like Blake Shelton in the short clip.

“I thought it was Blake Shelton until he walked away,” says one TikTok user. “Wait a second. Did I miss something? This looks like Blake and not Luke,” adds another.

The Phoenix concert was a celebrity affair, as rising performers Runaway June and Dylan Scott opened for the hitmaker. The Proud to be here tour runs until October 28, but Bryan will be doing “Waves” and holding live performances until August 2022. Tickets are currently available for purchase.



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