Canadian Live Music Association releases national guide to concert regulations related to COVID-19


Free resource summarizes public health guidelines for live music in each province and territory

Posted on January 17, 2022

For a moment we could have sworn we were back. Then came Omicron, and with new provincial COVID restrictions — and subsequent concert and tour cancellations — live music safety measures got a little confusing in the process.

The Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA) – one of Canada’s leading advocates for live music – is seeking to provide much-needed clarity on the myriad of restrictions and regulations impacting live events across the country by launching a Guide to National Concert Regulations and COVID-19.

While the free resource was initially introduced last November, it has recently undergone a major overhaul to incorporate all of the regulatory changes that have recently come into effect in light of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. According to the page’s introduction, CLMA intends the National Guide to Concerts and COVID-19 Regulations to be an overview of answers to questions frequently asked by artists, industry personnel and fans in the climate. of ever-evolving live music from the pandemic era.

Organized by each province and territory, each section of the guide is driven by the current state of each region (for example, state of emergency — or, in the case of Ontario, “modified level 2”). There is also a link to the COVID-19 protocol website for each region.

The resource goes on to list the most up-to-date information regarding personal protective equipment (e.g. masks), vaccination requirements, testing instead of vaccination and exemptions, venue capacity restrictions, if standing or dancing are permitted, whether children are permitted at events and whether travel to events is permitted, and any necessary quarantine requirements when traveling out of province.

“If you’re touring Canada, you go to so many different jurisdictions and regions — and given the way COVID has gone, it’s just absolutely chaotic,” association president Erin said. Benjamin, in a statement. [via The Canadian Press].

“There’s so much information, so we felt it was our duty to do everything we could to try to synthesize and make sense of it,” Benjamin added.

Consult the Guide to National Concerts and COVID-19 Regulations here.


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