‘The Christmas Stories Tour’ with Jason Gray to benefit Christian radio station Dickinson


Gray, with his son Kipper, is scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 4 at the Evangelical Dickinson Bible Church. Along with the holiday concert, there will also be a silent auction featuring items donated by local businesses and baked goods.

103.7 General Manager Heidi Larson of The Connection spoke to The Press to share what this concert means for the radio station.

“We are so excited. Jason is so loved in this area, ”said Larson, adding that this will be Gray’s sixth time to perform at Dickinson. “… Personally, I’ve never seen his Christmas concert, but if it’s like the rest of his concerts, it’s going to be amazing. Jason has a unique way of bringing you in and feeling a part of (something that is) a little more intimate, and you are part of listening to a story instead of just being up there and you. to entertain. So yeah, we’re super excited and we’re so grateful to have sponsors who have come forward and helped us cover some of Jason’s costs.

Before being a Christian genre radio station, The Connection was 103.3 and it was primarily a talk radio station. In March 2018, officials at the radio station decided to take a turn and focus the format on contemporary Christian music, Larson said.

“First and foremost our goal is to bring hope and encouragement to the community … So it’s our main goal is just to bring the gospel to the Dickinson area,” he said. Larson said. “But on top of that, we are providing the funds to help our radio station continue. We only depend on donations and events. We don’t advertise; we can’t advertise because of our license and we don’t really want to. We want to be able to give more music, more programming, more encouragement and do Dickinson. But in order to do that, we must raise funds to continue our ministry here in Dickinson. ”

Heidi Larson is the Managing Director of 103.7 The Connection in Dickinson and has held this position since June 2021. (Jackie Jahfetson / The Dickinson Press)

Heidi Larson is the Managing Director of 103.7 The Connection in Dickinson and has held this position since June 2021. (Jackie Jahfetson / The Dickinson Press)

Larson took over full-time as Office Manager in February 2020. Then in June, Larson took over as General Manager.

“It’s just amazing how God uses this little radio station on the prairie to serve people,” she noted. “The moment I arrived was right before the pandemic and we learned in 2020 how radio can be used to reach our community. When we’re told that we have to stay home (and) that we can’t be together, you can always turn on the radio and hear someone.

The station is focusing its goal on broadcasting all faiths on the airwaves within a 25-mile radius, Larson said, adding that the message is to connect people to the gospel.

“I am originally from Dickinson so I have a heart for this community. In a time when you hear so much negativity and you hear so much division, we can give them the hope that is in Jesus. We can care about Dickinson and that’s what makes us one of the things that makes us unique. We are not a satellite station that feeds 10 to 12 other stations in the region. We are in the area, ”she added.

Not only will Gray’s concert be “inspiring and uplifting,” it’s a way to support local media, Larson added.

“I think it’s the perfect time to cool off. In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we are pulled in so many directions. We just have to remember why we celebrate Christmas – it’s the birth of Christ, ”she said, adding,“ And Jason has a very unique way of presenting anything related to his songs or the gospel, but he will tell the Christmas story in his Jason way.

Going forward, Larson said she hopes the radio station can continue to host community events and partner with local churches and nonprofits.

Tickets are $ 15 in advance and $ 20 at the door. VIP tickets, which include a meet and greet with Gray and a preferred seating section, cost $ 25 and can only be purchased in advance. For VIP participants, the doors will open at 5 p.m. For general admission, the doors will open at 6:15 p.m. To purchase tickets in advance, call 701-483-1037 or visit 1037theconnection.com.

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