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The Tehachapi Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr David Newby, will perform to an audience at 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 31 at Country Oaks Baptist Church, 20915 Schout Road. The concert will be held in honor of Paul Granna, who played tuba at the June concert but recently passed away from COVID. Please wear a mask to enjoy the concert.

The program will feature famous pianist Jason Stoll in Franz “Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1”. The concerto was composed, recomposed and revised over and over again for a quarter of a century until it reached an almost completed state in 1853. Then in 1855, after the premiere of the work in Weimar, with the composer at piano, the composer continued to modify some of its details. A single theme dominates the entire concerto, a theme that is transformed several times during the four connected sections.

Southern California pianist Jason Stoll has won numerous accolades and awards for his performances throughout his career across the states and abroad. Over the years, Stoll has been both a participant and performer in several notable summer music festivals and has had the privilege of participating in masterclasses in close collaboration with many eminent artists. Currently, Stoll is a piano teacher and lecturer, freelance pianist and masterclass presenter. He is also a fan of the NBA, tennis, juggling, bowling and table tennis.

Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Egmont Overture” tells the 16th century story of Lamoral, Earl of Egmont of the Netherlands who defied a Spanish attack led by the Duke of Alva. Beethoven wrote a heroic play about the struggle against oppression and the eventual triumph of freedom, creating a journey from darkness to light.

George Butterworth’s “First English Idyll” was completed in 1911. The music is steeped in folk song and the beauty of the English countryside. The young English composer, second lieutenant of the 13th Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry, was killed by a sniper during the Battle of the Somme on August 5, 1916 at the age of 31.

Members of the public will be able to meet Dr Newby, Jason Stoll and musicians after the concert. All Tehachapi Symphony Orchestra concerts are free to the community. For more information, visit www.tehachapiorchestra.com or call 821-7511.

Karen Budai is with the symphony orchestra.

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