Genshin 2021 Concert: “Melodies of an Endless Journey” was amazing!



Things haven’t been perfect for developer MiHoYo in recent weeks, receiving reviews, bomb reviews and more as some saw them as stingy with 1st Anniversary rewards for all players. But regardless of your position on the spectrum on this issue, you’ll want to watch the online portion of Genshin Concert 2021: Melodies of an endless journey which just ended up streaming through Youtube (and other platforms depending on where you live) as of this writing. That alone, given that it was provided for free, in my opinion was a sufficient birthday present (Not that I would say no to more free primogems or other goodies).

Genshin Impact has a divine soundtrack, fun and upbeat tracks from the Mondstadt fields, more intense beats from Liyue and intense headbangers for literally every boss fight in the game. If you want to see how amazing the music is, I recommends that you tune into the official soundtrack streams or watch music producer Alex Moukala break down some of the tracks. The music was composed by Yu Peng Chen and HOYO-MiX, and part of the fun of every update is seeing what new music they’ve created.

Tonight, we were able to enjoy a compilation of pieces performed by the Flanders Symphony Orchestra (with Belgian conductor Maestro Dirk Brossé) in addition to other musicians from the United States, South Korea and more. While the concert is expected to continue live by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in Shanghai, China (which will be available online after the concert), a fantastic range of songs were on offer. A few of the pieces featured include an acapella version of the game’s main theme, from the soothing melody of “Breezes of Idylls and Wine” to the madness that is “Let’s Go, Crimson Knight!” To an incredible near-final with the Vortex song sequel.

Arguably the best song in the game, ‘Rage Beneath the Mountains’, was not presented… but I would expect it to appear in the live concert. My body is ready to witness a live performance of these battle themes battle themes. The concert was mainly focused on music from the version 1.0 to 1.6 era, so it does not contain any tracks from Inazuma that was featured in version 2.0.

However, that’s enough fanboying on my part. Whether you are a regular connoisseur of the symphony orchestra or just love to listen to playing music – Genshin Concert 2021: Melodies of an endless journey is something to treat your eyes and ears. Complemented by expert videography and the occasional inclusion of contemporary dance / ballet, I would say this might be a concert worth a visit even if this is your first time hearing about Genshin Impact!

You can watch it in its entirety without any of the above restrictions via the official Genshin Impact Youtube channel.



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