MGK concertgoers shouted “Ay!” when Lil Wayne took the stage


Machine Gun Kelly fans went wild this week during his performance at the Kia Forum in Inglewood for his ‘Mainstream Sellout’ tour as he brought in some pretty special guests. One of them is the infamous Lil Wayne.

MGK brought him in to perform “Drug Dealer” and “Ay!” live for everyone present and Wayne wasn’t the only celebrity guest to be brought on stage.

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Lil Wayne played with MGK

During the concert, MGK surprised their fans by bringing in Lil Wayne to sing two of their popular songs together, “Drug Dealer” and “Ay!”. Watch video of the pair performing together below.

Fans went wild for the pair as well as the other famous faces he brought to the stage.

Later, Halsey and Blackbear joined him to perform “Forget Me Too” and “Make Up Sex”. Willow and Lavigne, who opened the show, returned to the stage to sing “Emo Girl” and “Bois Lie,” respectively. Other famous faces also joined MGK.

Fans got to see 7 artists in one

On Twitter, fans have gone crazy as they are impressed to see not only MGK but also the other guests. These included Travis Barker, Blackbear, Lil Wayne, Halsey, Avril Lavigne and Willow. A fan tweeted:

I definitely saw mgk, black bear, halsey, travis barker, avril lavigne, willow, lil wayne and kourt kardash all in one night.

His new wife, Kourtney Kardashian, was also on hand to support Barker’s comeback. The two tied the knot in May in Portofino, Italy, after two previous ceremonies in Santa Barbara and Las Vegas.

Travis performed at the MGK concert

Kourtney Kardashian took to her Instagram to post a video of her hubby performing at the concert. According msn.comTravis and Machine Gun Kelly performed Bloody Valentine and Tickets To My Downfall together.

As reported by Billboardduring the performance, MGK exclaimed:

Hey, you know, a fun fact is that Travis isn’t supposed to be playing drums right now. But guess what he’s doing here? Playing drums right now!

The performance was described by fans on Twitter as “iconic”.

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