The infamous red truck is returned to its rightful owner after a 60-mile chase to Cooper’s


“We were at Cooper’s when the police came running in with ARs! It was pretty scary!” said Marsha McGrew who was there otherwise enjoying the concert.

Police have not officially released information about the chase. However, Rodriguez was the only man arrested and charged overnight with evading police in a motor vehicle.

One of the opening band members, Bryan Martin, recalled Saturday night:

“Yeah… so it happened while I was in the middle of my set tonight at the coopers… the runaway murderer ends his high-speed chase by crushing his bag backstage under my bus… sneaks into the scene side buys a randall king shirt and tries to blend in the crowd.. well done to law enforcement and everyone involved.. condolences to the victims.. and thanks to the crowd for sticking with us.. glad that no one in the crowd got hurt.. randall king kicked ass.. taking a break from you texas at least until next month… yall wild…” Posted to Bryan Martin Official on Facebook.

Cumbie said his truck was still at Home Motors on Christoval Road until he could get there tomorrow morning and assess how to fix the tyres. He said the spikes that ultimately arrested the suspect were put on the roadway by Tom Green County Sheriff’s Deputies near Cooper.


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