Nadia Mukami responds to allegations she was prosecuted on stage during Mbosso concert in Mombasa


In a post seen by this writer, Mukami did not lead the allegations but wondered if they were supposed to fight the promoter who allegedly forced them off the stage.

“@EricOmondi Ulikuwa unataka mimi na Masauti tupige promoter ndio ujue we fight for the industry ama?

There are things that haviitaji kifua. Tunapambana sana. You are right to fight to protect our industry, but the way you approach it sometimes is just meeeh! Stop making it an Eric Omondi fight. It’s an industry conversation that needs a lot of systems and building structures ”, shared Nadia Mukami.

Mukami’s response was prompted by comedian Eric Omondi who alleged that Kenyan artists cannot fight for themselves, even when mistreated by promoters.

“These kenyan artists wataendelea tu kuumia na kudharauliwa mpaka siku ile wataniskia … asiye skia la mkuu huvunjika guu … anyway, plans are underway to create a whole new breed of hawa washatuangusha musicians”, shared Omondi.

Omondi, who has pushed for 75% of local music to be broadcast on both radio and television, added that he was fed up with the current number of musicians in Kenya.

“My dear, never allow anyone to disrespect you !!! you guys were just despised !!! you were little !!! you weren’t that important and it must stop now !!! the way you are treated will reflect the way you are paid. we started the conversation, we are putting systems in place but nyinyi mme kataa kuamka !!! people will only treat you the way you let them. na mkingoja tuwabembeleze mtangoja sanaa. mezeni piriton, duvet chukueni mlaleee kabisaaaaaaaaaa, he added.


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