Macklemore nearly got kicked out of Chocolate World before her Hersheypark gig: video


As you may know, rapper Macklemore (“Thrift Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us”) opened for Imagine Dragons at Hersheypark Stadium last week (August 12, to be exact).

What you might not know is that he tried to buy candy from Chocolate World next door before the show and almost got in trouble because of his method of transportation.

A TikTok video posted to his account shows Macklemore riding around on a scooter and interacting with fans outside the stadium.

“I was going to throw candy to the crowd in exchange for their friendship,” the text reads, while the video shows him literally walking through the Chocolate World indoor center.

Then, as he tries to buy a few boxes of Reese’s, a Chocolate World employee stops him and tells him he needs to park his scooter outside.

Macklemore attempts to pull a quick one out, swearing that “Big Boss Todd” said everything was fine, but the security guard reiterates that he has to get him out and then calls for backup.

The entertainer then poses for a few quick photos with fans before leaving with two security guards behind him. “Wipe off before they call my parents,” reads the final text.

Macklemore noted in the comments that he was “still looking” for the mysterious Todd.

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