Harry Styles interrupts concert after fan throws cold chicken nuggets on stage


Rock stars are used to having fans throw a slew of things at them on stage, usually things like flowers and bras, but Harry Styles cut a gig over the weekend after being bombarded of … chicken nuggets.

In footage that is going viral on social media, the former One Direction star shared friendly banter with a reveler who threw the food on stage, but despite pleas from the audience to “eat it up”, Styles said that ‘he wouldn’t sample the nuggets as he leads a plant-based life.

The singer was performing at his love on tour concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday when he praised the fan’s “very interesting approach” to getting his attention during the show.

“Who threw the chicken nugget? the 28-year-old asked the crowd, before discovering a second at his feet.

“That’s another chicken nugget!” he exclaimed before the crowd started chanting, “Eat it! Eat it!”

“I don’t eat chicken,” he said apologetically, tossing the nugget into the audience.

Upon discovering the second nugget, Styles added, “First of all, it’s cold, and I guess very old…”

The fan who tossed the snack then claimed it, puzzled by Styles who asked, “Why!?” He begged them not to eat it before throwing it away and adding, “Don’t go looking for it, we’ll give you another nugget, okay? Never fear.”

Harry Styles performs on the main stage at War Memorial Park on May 29, 2022 in Coventry, England, and is pictured with a chicken nugget thrown on stage in New York City.
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A snippet of the moment shared by Twitter user @kiwik94 recorded over 148,000 views on Twitter.

Previous footage from the tour went viral when Styles helped a viewer propose to his mid-show partner earlier this month.

The singer has hit the headlines in recent weeks as his film don’t worry darling is scheduled for September 23.

Styles stars alongside Florence Pugh in the upcoming drama, but a new trailer has left many viewers unimpressed with the star’s accent.

The highly anticipated psychological thriller is directed by Styles’ current girlfriend, Olivia Wilde.

Responses to the clip were pretty heavy-handed, with viewers flocking to Styles’ slam accent while praising Pugh’s performance.

The review follows a tough few days for the One Direction favorite who recently addressed the queerbaiting accusations in an interview with rolling stone which also drew the ire of Michael Jackson’s fans and family after Styles was named the new King of Pop.

Newsweek has reached out to Styles management for comment.


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