Daler Mehndi to Host India’s First Virtual Metaverse Concert on Republic Day

NEW DELHI: This Republic Day, Indian artist Daler Mehndi will host India’s first Republic Day Metaverse concert. Her fans can expect to experience it on the PartyNite.io platform, where they can see her avatar in a larger-than-life virtual concert. The PartyNite.io platform is also officially launched on January 26.

Mehndi becomes the first Indian artist to join the list of artists who have previously performed in Metaverse virtual concerts. Other performers include Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Marshmallow, and Ariana Grande. Just as augmented reality and virtual reality mediate between digital and physical realities, they open up new possibilities for pop music online by connecting foreign artists who want to collaborate across borders or even recordings. concerts with their fans all over the world. world.

Selected NFTs will also be dropped during this event. Gamitronics, a Hyderabad-based game studio, has created this blockchain-powered Metaverse that features playable NFTs.

Mehndi will perform his songs from his albums and is also expected to dedicate an exclusive performance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Gamitronics stated that the PartyNite platform offers various settings and themes such as island, campfire, amphitheater, lounge and cruise ship, etc., where each individual can have their own avatar according to their preferences. People can buy and sell slots, claim and mint NFTs, and play to win. NFTs are digital goods that can be bought, sold, or traded for the same value on a blockchain. In this game, the blockchain is ApnaDAo Wallet, where NFTs are stored.

“Mehndi is the voice of the nation. His voice reaches the god and the common man with equal intensity. We wanted to launch our Metaverse with the same feeling, the voice of India and a global icon,” said Rajat Ojha , CEO, Gamitronics.

Gamitronics said they used “state-of-the-art” artificial intelligence technology to use various Daler Mehndi behaviors and patterns using various video sources and created their virtual avatar with realistic animations.


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