BTS earns $75 million from 2022 ‘PTD On Stage’ concerts, fans say ‘jaw just dropped’


Since late 2021, ARMYs have been well fed as BTS has been on a roll, announcing gig after gig. In November 2021, BTS made history by becoming the first act to have four sold-out concerts at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, which grossed over $33 million. It turned out to be the biggest box office earner in 18 years in the United States. And now, even though we’re only six months away from 2022, the “Permission To Dance – On Stage” concert series continues to break records.

On June 8, it was revealed that BTS had earned over $75 million from their “PTD On Stage” offline concerts held in 2022. There were a total of 11 performances, four in Los Angeles, three in Seoul and four in Las Vegas. Billboard calculated and shared that a total of 458,000 people participated. BTS also had the fourth highest gross after Bad Bunny which had 37 performances, Elton John which had 40 performances and Genesis which had 35 performances in 2022.

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BTS earns $75 million with just seven concerts in 2022

With BTS on the list with just seven concerts in 2022 – in Seoul and Las Vegas, the milestone is all the more impressive. It is also the first time in history that BTS and Bad Bunny are the only two non-English bands to feature in the top 4 highest grossing mid-year tours according to Billboard. 200,000 fans alone attended BTS’s “PTD On Stage” concerts in Las Vegas and earned over $35 million. It also led them to the top of Billboard’s “Top Tour” and “Top Box Score” charts in April.

These aren’t the only achievements BTS’s “PTD On Stage” concert series has racked up. Along with earning $75 million in 2022, their one-day live concert in Seoul became the world’s highest-grossing event cinema release in history. More than 1.4 million people worldwide watched their concert in theaters apart from the 45,000 fans who attended the concert in Seoul. With the remaining two days also being broadcast live online, the boy group earned a total of $82 million from Seoul’s hybrid (offline and online) edition. Economists also shared that the $32 million gross from BTS’s four-day concerts in Las Vegas created a ripple effect in helping the economies, entertainment and tourism industries of the United States and South Korea. South to recover from the pandemic.

‘Get that money’

Fans were left in awe when one tweeted, “You telling me bts made over $75m from concerts in 2022 alone??? no album, just concerts and it’s not even the world tour?? The jaw just dropped. Another added: “Get that kings money.” One ARMY posted, “NO DOUBT OF OUR KINGS!!!” Another commented, “That’s what you call impact kings of kpop indeed.”


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