9 concert stage designs that will blow your mind


Concerts are an experience. They talk about connection. We are completely absorbed in the atmosphere, feeling the music in our bones, the rhythm in our soul and the light in our hearts. Sometimes the sheer volume of light is enough to immerse you in the scenery. Other times, the scenography can be so sublime and bewitching, where for a few hours we are transcended into a whole other world.

Prepare to be mesmerized as you examine 9 absolutely amazing set designs that will blow your mind.

Lorde Coachella 2017 via Es Devlin

Lorde Coachella 2017
Lorde Coachella 2017 via Es Devlin

The work of Es Devlin is unimaginable. Devlin is a creative mastermind who designed insane mega-tour scenes, including Lorde’s performances at Coachella and Glastonbury. Lorde truly blessed audiences with this extreme ensemble by transcending the average concert experience. It definitely skyrocketed all the expectations that followed.

Tame Impala Coachella 2019
Tame Impala Coachella 2019 via Visual Endeavors

Tame Imapala’s 2019 tour was absolutely epic due to production design by Rob Sinclair and WPA. It’s phenomenal, it’s kaleidoscopic, it’s all you could ask for during a Tame psychedelic show at Coachella. Seriously, have you ever seen such beautiful colors on such a large scale ??

Bon Iver 10th Anniversary Show
Bon Iver 10th Anniversary Show via Daniel Ojeda / PTG Live

Bon Iver 'For Emma, ​​Forever Ago' 10th Anniversary Show
Bon Iver ‘For Emma, ​​Forever Ago’ 10th Anniversary Show via Daniel Ojeda / PTG Live

The story behind the creation of Bon Iver’s debut album For Emma, ​​there is always is basically a folk tale at this point. Although Bon Iver is no longer “the man with a broken heart in loneliness”, for the 10th anniversary of his debut album, the set design reflects his early years. With what looks like blades of grass or trees, the whole mimics the woods in which the album was created.

Muse - The Resistance Tour
Muse – The Resistance Tour via Es Devlin

Muse - The Resistance Tour
Muse – The Resistance Tour via Es Devlin

Also designed by Es Devlin, Muse’s Resistance Tour was a sublime spectacle. It’s becoming more and more clear that Devlin is a creative genius, isn’t he?

Daft Punk Coachella 2006
Daft Punk Coachella 2006 by Karl Walter / Getty Images)

Long live the Daft Punk. We will never forget the 2006-07 duo Alive’s iconic tour which put fans on an epic show. The two were seated on a 24-foot-tall aluminum pyramid that was drenched in mesmerizing LED screens and lights.

Roger Waters ‘The Wall’ Tour via Panasonic Business

Legend Roger Waters refueled for both The Wall Tour and Us + Them Tour.
XL video are award-winning audiovisual experts who have helped The Wall Live’s concert tour go from great to breathtaking. Each arena used forty units of twenty thousand lumen Panasonic PT-DZ21KE projectors to bring the show to life. Roger Waters commented on the designs: “This tall wall stadium show could not have been done 40 years ago. We couldn’t have filled the space in a way that would have been emotionally, musically and theatrically satisfying. Technology has changed. Now we can. ”There is also a movie
where you can now watch the entire show from home.

Radiohead in San Fernando, California 2017
Radiohead in San Fernando, CA 2017 via rave [pubs]

Radiohead 2007
Radiohead 2007 via The New York Times

Andi Watson has long been the genius behind Radiohead’s set designs. The set consisted of a grid of suspended LED cables that projected colors, three-dimensional images such as a flickering rectangular plane or swarms of bright light transforming. Watson spoke of his work: “My job is to create an environment for Radiohead’s songs to exist on stage. With so many layers in what they do, lots of different instruments and lots of stuff, I have to build some complex arrangements to visually represent the songs.

U2 Innocence & Experience World Tour
U2 Innocence & Experience World Tour via Es Devlin

Another outstanding design by Es Devlin was the Innocence & Experience World Tour by U2. Goosebumps must have surfaced in the crowd all night.

The Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour
The Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour 1989 via Stufish

The designer of this 1989 Rolling Stones set is Mark Fisher. With the help of Mick Jagger, the two were able to capture the essence of the Steel Wheels Tour.

Main photo courtesy of Visual efforts.

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