Whitney Houston refused to perform in Melbourne at the last minute and the reason shocked many



Touring can be taxing for a singer. Performing six to seven nights a week can have a physical impact, and it is not uncommon for musical artists to postpone shows or cancel shows altogether. But in Whitney Houston’s case, one of the reasons the singer would have canceled a show in Australia at the height of her career had little to do with needing a break.

Whitney Houston performs live at Acer Arena Sydney, Australia 2010 | Don Arnold / WireImage

Whitney Houston didn’t like the name of the street the room was on

Houston performed in Melbourne in 1997 at the Crown Casino. The show received rave reviews and viewers eagerly awaited its follow-up. But at the last minute, she decided not to perform, leaving the venue looking for a replacement.

Sam Newman, an Australian football star who attended the concert, said Daily mail that the “Saving All My Love For You” singer stepped down because she didn’t like the name of the street where the venue was located. “Someone said the real reason Whitney Houston didn’t sing is because the Crown Casino – listen to this, you’re going to love this – was on a street called Whiteman Street,” he said.

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Houston didn’t give advance warning that it wouldn’t happen. Newman made the revelation on the You can’t be serious Podcast. He was due to attend the second show when Houston pulled out.

“Bobby and Whitney said they weren’t going to sing at a facility that was on a street called Whiteman Street,” he continued. Houston’s cancellation made the world press. At the time, her representatives cited the reason for her cancellation due to her allegations that she was suffering from exhaustion. Newman alleges he was forced to take the stage himself alongside legendary Australian artist Bobby Valentine.

The singer returned to Australia for her last tour to bad reviews

It will be 13 years before Houston returns to Australia to participate in its 2010 comeback tour. Nothing but love the tour started overseas and the reviews were brutal. Unlike 1997, Houston’s voice and stamina weren’t considered to be up to par. Videos of her seemingly struggling to achieve high marks for which she has become loved have started surfacing online.

According to an opinion of Sydney Morning Herald, Houston couldn’t catch his breath between songs. “[The] The singer listened to two songs at the Brisbane Entertainment Center on Monday night before looking breathless and exhausted, taking a break and then carrying a towel with her for the next few songs, ”the reviewer notes. “After half a dozen songs, during which she coughed, she left the stage to take a break, getting her brother, Gary Houston, to sing along.”

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Critics cite her voice as “gritty” and appeared “disoriented” at times throughout filming. According to The Guardian, the Houston manager has asked fans to support the struggling diva in the “tough times” following the show. In addition, the director added:

[She] is on stage now, warts and everything, posing as an open book for the world to see and they want to ridicule Whitney. If they expected to hear the Whitney of 20 years ago, go buy a CD. If they want to see a true professional artist give 100% of herself, well, come and enjoy the ride of amazing talent, on stage, leaving her heart and soul for everyone to enjoy.

Whitney Houston was reportedly devastated by the reactions of the tour

Critics hurt Houston, who was iconic for his unprecedented voice. Things got so bad that she asked her friend, gospel singer Kim Burrell, to join her for some comfort.

“One of the main reasons I went to Germany was the energy people gave,” she said. Interior edition. “And their opinions on his voice and his life, it was starting to happen to him.”

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Gary Catona, a vocal coach, worked with Houston and tried to recover vocal cords for this tour. He cites cigarettes as the reason for his strained voice. “When I saw her and heard her voice, it was so heartbreaking. Singing was his life. She was the voice after all. Without this voice, what else does she have? He asked.

Aretha Franklin has said that not having her voice at the perfect pitch is a tough pill for the singer to swallow. “I’m sure she was totally devastated by the time it was over. She must have been totally devastated. You know, when you’re a singer and you can’t sing what you want to sing, it’s very disheartening.

This marked some of his last performances before his death in 2012. Houston passed away in February 2012.



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