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A merchant cash advance is urgent for a company, but are denied by banks and other credit institutions? In Latvia, it is often difficult or even impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain microcredit from banks and other credit institutions. This creates situations where such companies have to look for opportunities and alternatives to obtain micro-credit for a company that can provide the company with development or specific goals at a given time. What would be alternatives to microcredit for businesses? Invest From Your Private Savings? Looking for investors who are ready to invest in company development or new project development? What to do if there are no alternatives and the amount of money needed to grow the business is high enough? Good Finance, a non-bank lending company, can help in such cases.

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Microcredits for businesses offered by Good Finance are particularly suited to small and medium sized businesses in various sectors. While it may be more difficult and time-consuming for large and fast-growing companies to obtain additional funding, it can be even more difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, Cityfinance aims to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with access to microcredit for companies with low loan rates in the short term. This is your opportunity to get the necessary additional financing for the company, as the micro-credit is suitable for the company to implement new projects, expand production and even pay salaries. Convenient, fast and profitable!

How does it all work?

The entire procedure and application for micro-credit for businesses is made as simple as possible. It takes only a few minutes to process an application for a microcredit company and you will be able to get started quickly.

We would like to introduce you to Good Finance application procedure, which can only take a few minutes of your precious time.

Microcredit Applications Processing Procedure:

  • Applying for a microcredit company by electronically filling out an application form.
  • Examination of the application. Cityfinance credit specialists will review your application and give you an answer within 2 hours to 1 business day.
  • In the affirmative, Good Finance will prepare a collaborative offer to develop the best possible lending solution for your business.
  • Receipt of micro-credit to the company after signing the contract.

City microfinance specialists review each application for a microcredit company individually in order to find the best possible solution for a particular company. Our credit specialists will provide advice and guidance to work together to find a solution that is both good and satisfactory to both parties. Individual approach to each, as we know that different industries require different solutions.

Micro loans for small and medium-sized Latvian companies

Latvia is a small country and the market is very small, so it is important for every Latvian company to be aware of all its development and growth opportunities. Continuous advancement can open up the company to work not only in the domestic but also in the international market. Unfortunately, companies do not always have enough free resources available to ensure, for example, the development and realization of new projects. Small and medium-sized enterprises in Latvia face various obstacles and problems in obtaining micro-credit for a company, smaller or larger loans from banks or other credit institutions, which can have a significant impact on the growth rate of a company and even on its continuation.

It is important to be aware that the development and existence of a particular company, providing countless jobs, maintaining a positive annual balance sheet and generating profits for the company, is not only to the benefit of certain groups of individuals. One small or medium-sized enterprise is a part of all Latvian enterprises, which also ensures development of the Latvian state and improvement of the welfare of the population. Financial assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises is important and even necessary. In this case, microcredit for the company is one of the solutions that would solve various problem situations and help to direct development plans in the right direction. Stagnation and standing in business can only create problems.

Accelerate your business growth with a microcredit company

Accelerate your business growth with a microcredit company

Nowadays, the pace of development of various sectors is very fast, new innovations are being developed and the public is getting more and more opportunities to do things faster, more conveniently and even cheaper. For example, just a couple of years ago, people didn’t even realize that 3D-created printers could touch and pick up virtually created objects. The availability of 3D printers marked a major turning point in the design and manufacturing industries, modern medicine and other major industries. Not only 3D printers, but many other things created over the last twenty and even ten years have changed the lives of many people and society as a whole. Cell phones, computers and so on could go on and on.

What unites all innovative products and is needed to create different innovative products? All new products and innovations are created by someone, so the idea is the most important, but the funding to realize that idea is just as important. Nowadays, micro-credit can enable a company to create things, products and services. One can figure out what to produce, what new product to create, new opportunities to offer to his clients and the public, but without the necessary funding these ideas can remain just ideas.

Why choose a microcredit company?

Create, Grow, Realize Your and Your Business Goals and Ideas by Choosing Corporate Credit! Not for nothing – anyone who does not risk does not drink champagne!

Business is a risk in itself, but once a business exists and you have taken the risk of starting one, we will help you grow by providing the necessary funding for further development and operation. The application for a company microcredit can be filled in here.

Fill it in without leaving the office and get an answer in a reasonably short time that will save you time. You will not need to submit large volumes of documents and it will take a long time to process them, and we have a very fast process.

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