Wack 100 Talks Pressing R. Kelly During Forum Concert

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The verdict is in and R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years earlier this week on racketeering and sex trafficking charges after news broke that he was getting 30 years from Wack 100 and the 100 ENT podcast room was open to discussing the verdict.

During the Clubhouse app chat, Wack 100 added why did someone affiliated with Chiraq ever press R. Kelly for what he was accused of?

“He was paying,” one user said. Believe me, he was pressured, he was paying.

Wack shared, “I know he was pressured because I used to pressure him one day. The nigga put on a show at the Forum [In Inglewood, California]. My man called, and he said Wack, some of my GD’s [Gangster Disciples] I want to say hi to this dude he dodged, it was about a bag. They gave the n*** about 300 or 400 to do something.

He had dodged it; I think he was trying to get the money back on tour to give it back to him… As soon as I go through security, I’m talking to my wife, saying you better get it right ’cause I get this fucking shit * make phone calls. I go past security and into the tunnels, and there he is, this guy. I approach the nigga and hand him the phone.

As for Kelly’s victims, the 30-year verdict is a major step towards justice after 30 years of terror.

Lisa Van Allen recently spoke with Variety and shared, “He’s preyed on young girls and boys for over 30 years – it seems only fitting that he’s been sidelined at the moment.”

Van Allen was the main witness in 2008 while R. Kelly was in court for child pornography. At the time, she said there was evidence, but no one listened. The accused was acquitted. Van Allen first met her when she was underage on a music video set.

She then enters into a complicated relationship with him and is part of a sex tape she says she was forced into when she appeared in “Surviving R. Kelly”.

“Looking back on the 2008 trial, I’m so proud to see how far we’ve come 14 years later,” Van Allen says. “It only brings me joy to know that I am doing and will continue to be part of the solution. I am grateful to all who allow us to be heard. I do this for anyone who feels speechless – know that you are not alone. We are not victims. We are survivors. Our work is not finished. This is just the beginning.”


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