The DTLV Field Trip Las Vegas outdoor concert series helped fill a void in live music


Live music took a huge hit last year. Places like the always-closed Bunkhouse Saloon are a painful reminder of this. But as many spaces remained closed over the summer, the DTLV Field Trip outdoor concert series has joined the fight to bring live music back to the east end of Fremont Street.

DTLV Field Trip kicked off in May, with a selection of local talent including The Lique, B. Rose, LinaDrae, Papichuloteej and DJ Wizdumb. The inaugural show, presented by Fergusons Downtown and local Instagram account @DTLV, drew over 600 attendees, and turnout has only improved since.

Zoneil Maharaj, editor @DTLV and producer of Field Trip, began developing the concept of Field Trip in January with Fergusons. (Disclosure: Maharaj has written freelance articles for Las Vegas Weekly in the past.) “We wanted to be able to bring live music downtown to some extent,” he says. “I wanted to do it in the vein of things I loved: hip-hop and R&B. Nothing too clicky, nothing too hooded, nothing too hardcore-EDM, just very vibey. Fun, laid back, shake your ass a little, nod your head, come see Fergusons.

Maharaj selects local talent for Field Trip shows, drawing on his years of experience writing about hip-hop and the relationships he has built along the way. The concert series opened doors for several upcoming musicians. Rapper and pop artist Papichuloteej was shortlisted for Life Is Beautiful after Maharaj invited a festival executive to the inaugural show. For some artists, Field Trip marks their first paid concert, according to the organizer.

Local rapper and “Gumbo” singer Tanna Marie took the stage in June, and she says Field Trip “made me realize my worth.” Since then, she says, she has become more selective in her reservations, as she has achieved what she can accomplish as a performer. “I really understood it and it was different,” she says. “I felt like it was the start of something very different for me.”

People who had never heard of Mary stopped her after the show, singing praises to her. Others have crept into her DMs, she says, eager to work on projects with her. “It was a huge validation,” she says.

And Field Trip is still expanding. In addition to local shows, the series hosted events in partnership with music collectives like We the Beat, selling over 700 tickets and bolstering the return of DJ Crykit’s Playhouse fashion night. Erica Bell, event manager at Fergusons, says the space was made for these situations.

“Jen Taler, our Creative Director, visualized the Fergusons Garden specifically to try to harness the day, especially in the fall when it’s cooler, but also to create a really cool amphitheater vibe,” says- she. “For me personally, it’s very Palm Springs, really California. It’s this little oasis that people don’t know about.

But they quickly discover more of what the renovated motel space has to offer. A night at Field Trip isn’t all about music. Attendees can grab a specialty dish at the nearby Vegas Test Kitchen, or enjoy an frozen treat at Paradise City Creamery. It’s a block party, and you can make it a night out.

The series returns on September 24 with a lineup inspired by the 90s, including the jazzy quartet The Lique, rapper Hassan Hamilton – who will perform a tribute set to Notorious BIG – and singer Ami Divine, who will honor the iconic Aaliyah during her performance. performance.

DTLV field trip with The Lique, Hassan Hamilton, Ami Divine, DJ Mr. Vibe. September 24, 8 p.m., 18+, free if on guest list at, 1028 Fremont St.

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