The best ski trips and how to save money on them

The most adventurous have the winter months marked on their calendar. The main reason is the expected snowfall that allows you to enjoy skiing with your family and / or friends.

Ski lovers book a few winter days to enjoy white sport. Now is the perfect time to enjoy skiing or get started in this sport. Going down the snow slopes, in addition to practicing a very complete sport, is a pleasant adrenaline rush that allows you to release stress while enjoying a great sense of freedom.

When planning ski trips in Spain, it is important to know all the aspects that encompass this sport: the season and the services it offers, the hotel offer, the prices of ski passes, etc. First of all, before booking any trip, check the Good Finance app to see the money available to compare prices between different seasons or offers. In addition, with the app you can make budgets to never lose the savings plan and always with the peace of mind that it will notify you as soon as it detects something “weird”.

What to prepare for a ski trip?

What to prepare for a ski trip?

With the aim of organizing a ski trip in the best way possible, saving money, but enjoying winter sport to the fullest, below we collect a series of tips and recommendations.

  1. Ski resort

In Spain there are numerous ski resorts. In both the northern and southern areas we find stations for all levels. The choice of one or the other will depend on the type of trip we want to make, the proximity to our home, the desire to try new stations, the offers, their characteristics, etc. Ski trips can be made with young children, with the intention of also enjoying visits to other places, wanting to go out for a drink at night or quite the opposite … all of this will determine the perfect season for everyone.

As in Good Finance we love to make things easier for you, you have applications in the market to compare prices between stations in Spain, Andorra, the Alps … As for example Skies in Google Play and iTunes from where you can buy prices and even book through the app!

  1. accommodation

We cannot forget the accommodation. It will be key to rest after a hard and entertaining day of skiing. A point in favor is that the accommodation is close to the ski resort to save us long journeys. The accommodation will also be chosen based on preferences and needs. Usually around the ski resorts in Spain there are accommodations of different types, from hotels, apartments, etc.

  1. Transport

If the accommodation is somewhat away from the ski resort, we have to plan how we will travel to the place. Some companies and accommodations include this service in the price. In this case, we would have to assess whether we rent this option or take transportation on our own.

You also have to plan how to get to the station from each one’s home. Depending on how far or near it is, one option or another will be chosen.

  1. Rental of material

An important aspect are skis and sticks to practice this sport. At the entrance to the ski resorts there are usually rental shops for equipment. They will have everything necessary to descend the tracks and protect us. But a good option is to take all or part of the material from our own home.

  1. The ski pass and the skipass

The pass is the card that identifies you as an athlete to access the ski resort and moves along the slopes thanks to the use of ski lifts or chairlifts. Otherwise you can enter the station but move from one track to another you will have to do it on foot, so you will waste a lot of time and in addition not all the tracks have access on foot. For its part, the skipass is an access system similar to the ski pass but with the feature that you will access the tracks faster, without waiting for queues. This option is interesting when you go skiing in very high season, such as national bridges, in which there is a greater influx of people.

  1. Ski insurance

We must not think about it, but in case they have to rescue us because of a fall, it is a very good option to have insurance so this service does not involve a high outlay of money. In addition, we will ski with greater safety and tranquility.

Having clear what we have to prepare when making a ski trip, we return to the first point: the ski slopes in Spain. Next, we will list the most popular ski slopes in Spain with their main characteristics so that each one chooses the one that best suits their needs or tastes.

The most popular Spanish ski resorts

The most popular Spanish ski resorts

  1. Cerler

The ski resort is called Aramón Cerler and is located in the town of Cerler, in Benasque, in the Aragonese Pyrenees. This station is between 1,900 and 2,700 meters high. It has a total of 79 skiable kilometers which are divided into 8 green, 17 blue, 26 red and 15 black slopes.

  1. Formigal

Formigal station offers 137 skiable kilometers. This station is linked to the Panticosa station, giving rise to a total of 176 skiable kilometers. Thus, it has 147 tracks, of which 14 are green, 34 blue, 52 red, 42 black and five itineraries.

  1. Astun

It is located in the Aragon Valley, in the Aragonese Pyrenees. It has an elevation of between 1,660 and 2,300 meters. It offers a total of 50 kilometers of tracks, with 5 green, 18 blue, 21 red and 6 black, plus 10 kilometers of itineraries.

  1. Baqueira-Beret

She has been awarded the Bronze Medal for Sports Merit by the Superior Sports Council (CSD). It has 155 ski kilometers that are divided into 103 posts: six green, 42 blue, 39 red and 16 black.

  1. Sierra Nevada

It is the highest altitude station in Spain, and it has 108 ski kilometers. Athletes can ski on 115 tracks: 16 green, 40 blue, 50 red and 9 black. Sierra Nevada is 27 kilometers from Granada and less than 100 kilometers from Motril.

In Spain there are many more ski resorts, but these are the best known and busiest. Knowing that all of them will offer us a quality snow and several tracks of different difficulties, we have to choose which one is more profitable for us. Together with the Good Finance app, we will check the offers or savings possibilities offered by each of them.

How to save on our ski trip

How to save on our ski trip

And, as always in Good Finance, worried about saving, here are some tips to make the trip as cheap as possible.

  1. Co ger trip in advance

If we are already clear that we are going to travel to one of the ski resorts in Spain, we cannot lose another minute to book. The more time is left for the date of the cheapest trip, especially the accommodation.

  1. Hire the ski package next to the ski pass

The specialized travel agencies have managed to catch a greater number of athletes thanks to their offers and services. It is very common to hire the ski trip next to the ski pass. If this decision is made, the price is much cheaper than if it is taken separately. It is also possible to hire accommodation, ski equipment, ski courses and accident insurance in this package.

  1. Home ski equipment

If we are very frequent people to practice skiing, it is advisable to buy the basic material for this sport. We are talking about glasses, hat, gloves, ski boots, etc. In the stores next to the stations we can rent this stuff but it will be much more profitable if we bring it from home.

These three actions to save on our ski trip will be much more effective if we make decisions with the Good Finance app. It will let us know how much money we can allocate to the ski package, accommodation, food, ski pass, etc. And he will let us know when something does not get out of control (the rental of ski equipment will be charged twice, etc.) Never before has snow travel been so cheap and fun!

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