Russia-Ukraine war is live as Putin scales back kyiv assault ahead of new peace talks


Ukrainian refugees wanting to come to UK will increase for ‘some time’

The number of Ukrainian refugees wishing to come to the UK “will continue to rise for some time”, the Prime Minister said.

Boris Johnson told the Commons Liaison Committee that most Ukrainians ‘in an ideal world’ would want to stay in the region or return home, but he said ‘many of them increasingly want to come to d ‘other European countries, they’ I want to come to the UK, and that’s absolutely true’.

“The numbers are going up quite steeply,” he said.

“Now I think they’re going to keep going up for some time to come. I think that’s going to be a good thing, this country has a very proud record of hosting evacuees.

But he said it was right to be careful and revealed that already some of those who wanted to come to the UK were not “who they say they are”.

He said: ‘We just heard some really good questions about modern slavery, about sex trafficking, about children, about gangsters who might be trading evacuees. You have to be careful and remember what I said on the first day in the House is that there will also be people coming from this war zone who may not be quite what they claim to be and we’ve had a few cases, unfortunately, of that already.


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