RTS expands intercom capabilities at Cavatina Hall


Located in southern Poland, Cavatina Hall is a multifunctional building that celebrates the musical experience. The venue itself is owned by leading Polish development company Cavatina and is the first private and funded concert hall in Poland. Officially opening its doors in March this year, the six-story building boasts over 9,000 square meters of prime office space, a state-of-the-art recording studio, a chamber music room and finally, a stately concert hall with a capacity of 1,000 people. Boasting a state-of-the-art stage with a full set-up including an L-ISA immersive sound system and extensive digital intercoms from RTS, the performance hall is considered the jewel in Cavatina’s crown and a milestone in concert sound. in the country and region. .

Coordinated, co-designed and installed by local RTS partner Audio Plus, Stage Technology branches include Immersive Sound, Cinema Technology, Audio Signal Network and Intercoms, to name a few. Backed by a digital intercom solution from RTS, stage managers have full room-wide communication with various KP-series keypads and ROAMEO DECT-based wireless intercom systems with matrix ODIN number in the center.

“RTS’s wide portfolio of intercoms allowed us to choose the models to meet all user needs in different locations for Cavatina Hall,” says Tomasz Ibrom, Project and Installation Engineer, Audio Plus, who was responsible for system integration at Cavatina Hall. “Cavatina Hall is a large building made of concrete, steel and glass, with many separate halls and rooms with thick concrete walls between them. Despite this, wireless intercom communication is provided in almost all places of the building. We selected all the places where users might need to communicate with colleagues in other rooms and provided wireless transmission there – it works like a charm.

Being a cohesive and innovative building with a highly efficient audio signal network, all of Cavatina Hall’s systems needed to be adaptable enough to operate in the concert space. “The client had a very uncompromising approach to all the systems operating in Cavatina Hall, not only the acoustic elements or the sound reinforcement, but also all the supporting systems such as the intercom, the stage action preview system, the digital signage system, the public address system,” adds Stanisław Mielczarek, Technical Support Engineer, Audio Plus. “The most important aspect was flexibility and that is exactly why the ODIN matrix was chosen. Its ability to connect to different systems in various audio formats was perfect for this type of project. The KP series key panels have been chosen to exactly match the needs of the user in certain locations. The breadth of the RTS portfolio allowed us to make the right choice in every situation.

Taking three years to build and fully equip, the site now has the largest ROAMEO wireless intercom system in Poland with its AP-1800 access points and TR-1800 belts put into practice in the multifunctional space. “It took a lot of resources, work and time,” adds Ibrom. “But in the end it was worth it, because we could offer absolutely uncompromising solutions and this is now a benchmark for us – which will stand for years to come.”

Cavatina Hall now has a versatile and flexible signal distribution system – transforming virtually any type of signal into any other type, whether analog or digital. “Cavatina Hall is first and foremost a concert hall, but also a whole complex, the chamber music hall and the recording studio being a valuable complement to the concert hall”, concludess Katarzyna Pytlarczyk, CEO, Fiducia Foundation, Administrator of Cavatina Hall. “It is quite an honor to be able to participate in this project. I feel pride and a surge of energy. I feel that something unique is happening before our eyes.


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