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Have you ever walked into a bar and found the courage to go to an open mic party? It’s not something I’m brave enough to participate in on my own, but I absolutely love watching these events and witnessing the talent of others. I’ll find a nice seat tucked away to the side of the bar so I can relax, enjoy the music, and take in the pageantry of it all.

This is exactly what I did last week, except I didn’t frequent lounge bars in the real world – I was lost in Eorzea from Final Fantasy 14. On the Excalibur server, tucked away in the lavender beds , you will find The Rose Hall. This concert hall and lounge bar provides a unique role-playing experience for gamers passionate about the arts, whether performing or just soaking up the atmosphere and embracing the love of the arts. the music. Bella Rosa and Tsuji Rosa are the dream team behind The Rose Hall, which first opened in March of this year. “Tsuji and I enjoyed playing music together in Ul’dah and that sparked the idea of ​​creating a room to accommodate the bard community,” Bella tells me. “We also love role-playing games and knew it would be a perfect place to meet more people and grow.”

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I attended on a Wednesday when The Rose Hall opened its lounge for open mic night bar performances. Tsuji is responsible for the venue’s design and furnishings and regularly updates the decor to keep it fresh for guests. Currently, the salon offers the perfect aesthetic of easy-to-listen vibes with its chic bar, sleek leather booths, and intimate stage. Down the hall, The Rose Hall has more of a Hard Rock Café aesthetic, with instruments built into the walls. An electric guitar caught my eye, and I could almost imagine a small plaque attributing it to a renowned FF14 band, like The Primals.

Final Fantasy 14 The Rose Hall Guitar Display

The Rose Hall had much more humble beginnings than the large building in which it now resides. The Rosas started the room in an apartment, before slowly making their way to a small Free Company house, then a medium house, before finally landing in the big one – a mansion.

The premium size allowed them to do bigger and better things. The biggest event to date was the ‘Rosechella’ festival, which featured well-known bard groups in the community such as The Moogle Troupe, Azzy and the Tryhards, The Wiggles and The Little Post Office, as well as dance performances. live, competitions, and more.

“Sometimes I spend five to eight hours a day planning the next big event,” says Bella, explaining that The Rose Hall sometimes feels like real work. “I spend time forming friendships and finding open doors of opportunity! A lot of work is required to make The Rose Hall a success, when they say it takes a village it really is. Tsuji is working hard to keep our venue at its best to stand out with our amazing flyers coming out every week! We also now have an amazing management team helping us with some of our planning; special kudos to Chauncey and Ashent.

On Sunday evening, The Rose Hall opens its concert hall for those looking for a bigger show, and although it was not open when I visited, the Rosas kindly gave me a glimpse of the impressive venue. , which comes complete with its own bar, a fantastic piano-themed stage, VIP boxes, and of course plenty of seating. Naturally, I couldn’t resist jumping on stage and taking a few silly shots of my character.

Final Fantasy 14 The Rose Hall Stage

As the night wore on, the lounge bar filled with customers, including those of other waiters. The buzzing energy of the atmosphere was palpable, people applauded the various acts that took center stage, others chatted in booths, while bartenders played roles for patrons. Each of the evening’s four slots were bard performances, some were solo acts, and some bands – all of which were super talented. Even Tsuji took the stage to perform. However, The Rose Hall is not limited to bard performances and is open to a wide range of talent. “We definitely embrace other types of performance because we value the arts in general,” says Bella. “I’m always looking for new and unique experiences to bring to the main stage!

“Visitors can certainly expect an immersive experience with us. Whether it’s role-playing with our bartenders having your favorite drink or pastry, spending time listening to the amazing artists, or taking your next screenshot that could earn you 5,000,000 Gil!

In addition to shows, theme nights and competitions, The Rose Hall also offers a lot of community spirit. “I will run into opportunities to help the community, like our dear friend Dj RazWirez when he needed a new turntable,” Bella told me. “The Rose Hall started a hype which led to a successful turnout! We as a venue love to help and uplift all artists which has now come full circle as a community. ”

Final Fantasy 14 The Rose Hall Lounge Open mic evening

Rose Hall is planning to host other big festivals such as Rosechella – in fact, in a few weeks it will host Throwback Rosefest, an 80s and 90s themed festival. It’s time to don your best retro glamor and boogie.

The Rosa’s also hope to expand into musical theater in the future, but in the meantime there’s always a reason for a good party. The launch of the new Endwalker expansion and the implementation of datacenter trips – allowing more players to visit The Rose Hall – will be good reason to celebrate, so stay tuned for a big event at The Rose Hall in November to coincide with this.

To stay up to date with the many events at Rose Hall, you can find all the relevant links to their Discord and Twitch on the right here.

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