Roles We’ll Never Play concert lineup announced


The programming for Roles we’ll never play at the Lyric Theater was revealed.

Featuring musical stars performing numbers they would never normally accept, the concert has previously taken place at the Vaudeville and Apollo theaters. It will now perform at its largest venue to date – the Lyric Theater on Shaftesbury Avenue.

The company will feature Pearce Barron (he/she), Maisey Bawden (she/her), Luke Bayer (he/him), Danny Becker (he/him), Courtney Bowman (she/her), Lauren Byrne (she/ her), Mary-Jean Caldwell (her), Kayla Carter (her), Ryan Carter (he), Allie Daniel (her), Tom Duern (he), Hiba Elchikhe (her), Jacob Fowler (he/she), Rebecca Gilliland (she/her), Ahmed Hamad (he/him), Isaac Hesketh (they/she/he), Sophie Isaacs (she/her), Idriss Kargbo (he/him), Claudia Kariuki (her), Sejal Keshwala ( her), Lemuel Knights (he/she), Renée Lamb (her), Christian Maynard (he/she), Kayleigh McKnight (her), Carl Mullaney (he/she), Billy Luke Nevers (he/her), Genevieve Nicole (she/her ), Eve Norris (her/her), Natalie May Paris (her/her), Lauren Soley (her/her), Danielle Steers (her), Madison Swan (her), May Tether (her), Joaquin Pedro Valdes (he ) and Rodney Vubya (he).

They will be joined by a star ensemble consisting of Kyle Birch (he/him), Joe Churms (he/him), Sebastian Harwood (he/him), Samara Rawlins (her/her), Hannah Willars (her/her) and Ella Williams (her)

The concert is produced by Tom Duern, hosted by Carl Mullaney and directed by Sasha Regan. Flynn Sturgeon (music director) will be joined by Ollie Copeland, Luke Davies, Steph Frankland, Auguste Janonyte, Alex Maxted and Emily Roberts.

Tickets are on sale below!




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