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Soak in views. Swing to the music. Spill drinks.

This is part of the Red Rocks Amphitheater experience. Frequent attendees of shows in the iconic concert hall, like Megan Clark, have stories of spilled drinks, often a side effect of skinny, slanted rows and packed crowds.

Clark, who also works security at Red Rocks, has stories of fights over a recently purchased beer that was spilled. She picked up piles of wet blankets, beanies, or sweatshirts left behind because, presumably, their owners didn’t care to get their beer-soaked things back to their cars.

“I worked about 25 shows last season,” she said. “Every show there was some kind of problem.”

Clark saw a problem. His solution? Red Rock cup holder.

She designed the device to clip onto the hall’s wooden benches and hang below, carefully cradling a can or mug.

The custom cup holder is not affiliated with the amphitheater but has been approved by Clark officials, she said. It will be sold, for $20, online as well as on site.

“When you spend $15 on a beer, that seems like a good enough investment,” she said.

Clark launched the product online in early April. Comments poured in, saying “Clever idea” and “I want one!”

Some friends suggested introducing the product on a show such as “Shark Tank”.

“It’s great and all, but I literally did it for Red Rocks,” Clark, 31, said. “It’s such a unique niche.”

Clark spent the last few months working on the idea, which came to life in time for the start of concert season. She starts small, but she sees big potential for the cup holder. She donates 5% of sales to Friends of Red Rocks, which goes to the park’s conservation efforts.

“I want to revolutionize the Red Rocks experience,” Clark said. “I want to keep the magic alive. When you trip over beer cans, the magic dies.

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