Priyanka applauds her husband in the audience as Nick mentions her on his concert tour with his brothers


Mumbai (Maharashtra): Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas form the perfect couple and their PDAs are the witnesses. It’s always a treat to watch them at Jonas concerts, awards nights and talk shows where they don’t hesitate to boast of praise and love. This year, the two had taken a step back from all that stuff after their daughter arrived, but now they’re both back on track with their busy schedules. Priyanka, who is finally home with her daughter and husband, has made sure to be Nick’s best cheerleader. The actress attended Jonas Brothers concerts all day where she could and could be seen cheering on her husband.

While singing one of his songs, the Spaceman singer recalled an incident where one of his brothers sang their song at his wedding in India. He said, “He actually sang that at my wife and I’s wedding.” Priyanka in the crowd could be seen cheering and smiling as he recalled the memories. He then sang the same song for the massive crowd in attendance. Priyanka was seen in an animal print blouse and jeans. She then paired the outfit with a black jacket.

Piggy Chops was also seen at the concert in Las Vegas with her mother Madhu Chopra and stepmother Denise Miller-Jonas.

The video of their interaction at the concert exploded and was posted by several Priyanka and Nick fan pages. Even their fans commented on how adorable they both looked. One fan wrote: “Aww I love it and Daddy J sings it and Nick said hi baby love ’em so much.” Another commented, “Awww, Love!! I love how Nick always mentions or yells at Pri when she’s in the audience,” while one fan wrote, “Aww love love love when he mentions Pri sa woman.


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