Online Credits: Common Myths

If you need money urgently you may have consulted for the credits online. Of course, many preconceptions and myths based on the ignorance and customs of Mexicans revolve around them.

We believe that to request a loan we have to go to a bank, present a folder full of papers, lose several hours (even a day of work) and then wait days or weeks until the account executive gives us an answer.

We still have a little fear of placing our data on a web page, we do not understand very well how those sites work and we believe that it is somewhat complicated, only for those who know computer science.

Therefore, in this article we make a list of the main myths about online credits and of course with their answers or truths. This way you will have the information you need to make an appropriate and responsible decision.


Online credits are complicated

Online loans make us borrow

Quite the opposite. It is not necessary to be in front of a computer all day to request them. The management is very simple, it is only a matter of completing a form once you have determined the amount you want to request and the time it will take to return it. And our site also has a customer service center for any questions or queries you have when completing the form.


The internet credits are slow

It is also a fallacy based on misinformation. Today the web is one of the fastest tools that exist. In addition we have excellent quality software that accelerates the processes even more. Another advantage of asking for money online is that applications can be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to wait for a branch to open. And the answers arrive in 15 minutes!


Online loans make us borrow

To <a href=request a credit online I need guarantees” />

In reality everything depends on your consumption habits and your ability to pay. It is not related to the modality of credit. You can borrow in the same way if you ask for a loan in the bank or through our platform. If your ability to pay is less than the debt you incur, you will always have a negative balance in your account or in your budget. Therefore it is very important that you analyze your situation well before applying for the loan.


To request a credit online I need guarantees

This requirement will depend on the financial institution that grants you the credit. You should know that we work with all types of companies dedicated to loans and that some do not request guarantees or guarantees from the applicants. It also depends on the amount you ask for and how much time you need to return it.


We must pay commission on credits online

We must pay commission on credits online

You must be very careful with this topic. If a website, company or manager asks you for money to manage your loan application, it is very likely that it is a fraud. Never trust companies that ask for advances or commissions before giving you credit. What is charged in the form of interest is included in the loan in question, not as an extra.


Online loans are not reliable

We Mexicans still think that an honorable institution must have a long-standing experience, have a branch “on the street” and go out in television, radio or newspaper advertisements. However, online businesses dedicated to credit are also worthy of trust. The difference is that they do not have a physical office.

Technology or information technology is usually related to fraud and this is not true either. Before applying for the loan, you can do an investigation asking previous clients how their experience has been.


Internet credits are only for young people

Online loans are not reliable

Another myth that revolves around these types of loans. The truth is that anyone can request them as long as they are of legal age. Those who do not understand the operation of computers or do not have one can always ask a younger relative for help.

Do not stay with more doubts! Consult in our customer service sector.

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