Ong Seong Wu Expresses Gratitude And Shows Endurance At “RE:MEET” 2nd Fan Meeting


The talented entertainer was energetic, lively and grateful as he met fans for the first time in over two years.

Ong Seong Wu delighted domestic and international fans with two stages over the weekend. On Saturday, March 12, 2022, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. KST, Ong Seong Wu met his precious WELO at his second fan meeting. RE: MEET.

Held at KBS Arena in Seoul, the two-part event was also streamed online for WELO international via hellolive. The fan meeting featured some funny corners and captured how Seong Wu appreciates and cherishes the support he receives. Ong Seong Wu, despite not having an MC/host to help him through the show, managed to engage and entertain the audience.

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He kicked off the fan meeting with a performance of “Coffee” (너를위한카페), a track from his 2020 mini album. LAYERS. After the opening stage, he greeted the fans enthusiastically. Seong Wu said that although it took two years, he was happy to perform for WELO again.

He added that during the first game, he was all nervous because it had been a long time since he had greeted the fans. The idol-actor went on to say that he was still nervous even though it was already the second part, but he was also thrilled to be able to interact with the audience.

Ong Seong Wu wished WELOs to go home happy and then told the crowd what he had been up to in the past few months, such as finishing filming a movie.

2022 Ong Seong Wu 2nd Fan Meeting RE:MEET Fun Corners

To show how prepared he was for the fan meeting, Ong Seong Wu treated viewers online and on location to a few entertaining segments.

“Guess Who You Are”

In this fun corner, Ong Seong Wu will have to guess the lines of characters he has played in dramas. Showing his vivid memory, Seong Wu delighted the crowd by filling in the missing lines. His confessional dialogue in more than friends. He also shared some trivia from each storyline.


For this segment, Ong Seong Wu explained that he will choose his favorite from a series of photos. These photos would show different sides of him. He also added that it’s like a competition that has an elimination, a semi-final and a final, finally revealing a side of him that he really loves.

For the knockout round, refreshing Ong won over the sentimental Ong as he said the photo gave off better energy. For barista vs. photographer Ong, he chose the second choice because he said he likes taking pictures more, although he enjoyed the experience of being a barista.

Ong Seong Wu

Seong Wu chose the uniform over the leather jacket because, according to him, you can wear a leather jacket whenever you want. He went on to say that the possibility of wearing a school uniform decreases over time. So he wanted to take every chance he had, and the uniforms also remind him of his past.

Regarding the choice of sexy vs. cute Ong Seong Wu, the talented idol said instead of these categories, why not adult Ong vs. baby Seong Wu. He chose adult Ong although he still thinks that he is still becoming, his reason is that he wants to be big in terms of skill.

Ong Seong Wu

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In the semi-finals, Seong Wu chose the refreshing Ong over the photographer Ong. He also preferred the Ong wearing the uniform against the adult Seong Wu. He felt that it reminded him of Joon Woo, his character from Moment at eighteen. Refreshing Ong won in the final round on the uniform because he still wants to be with WELO. Plus, he needs to be refreshing so he can introduce fans to different sides of him.

Seong Wu took a break, and fans received a VCR of him doing an ASMR while making coffee. The next video was a balancing game. After the video, Ong Seong Wu returned to the stage with a performance of “Gravity” (옹성우), the title track from his mini album.

He said he felt so happy that he finally got to perform the song in front of a crowd. He recalled when he was promoting the song two years ago. Seong Wu lamented that upon his release in 2020, he promoted the songs on music shows without a live audience. He was so grateful that the day had finally come.

Coffee WELO

After being out of breath from the singing, Seong Wu continued with his schedule. The third corner was Café WELO in which he must complete five tasks. If successful, he will treat fans to a series of special challenges.

The first of the five tasks was a Questions and answers where he answered fan questions such as his late-night snack recommendations, his childhood role model, skateboarding, and his take on the perilla leaf debate, among others. On the subject of perilla leaves, Seong Wu said that if you trust each other, there should be no problem. Partners should take it as a consideration for the other party.

As he passed the first task, Ong Seong Wu acted out five emotions through facial expressions. The second task was another test of memory ability since he had to memorize the coffee orders be able to provide the correct answers to a series of questions.

Ong Seong Wu

Ong Seong Wu

Ong Seong Wu

Ong Seong Wu

The Five Faces of Ong Seong Wu | Screenshot by hellolive

Although it wasn’t a perfect score, Seong Wu still passed the second mission by answering more correct questions. The next step was the random dance where he danced to songs by Aespa, BTS, Bruno Mars, EXO and Brave Girls. After completing the third challenge, Ong Seong Wu created his own version of the sakuranbo Dance.

The fourth part of this wedge is a mystery box in which he guessed the object inside the box. It was followed by Mission NGO-possible. For this challenge, he had to complete a set of tasks within the time limit of 100 seconds. He untangled twisted earphone wires; walked in a sexy way; knocked over a bottle and made it stand; sang five songs with the word “love”; and said I love you to the three-hearted WELOs.

After the fourth and fifth missions, which were all successful, Ong Seong Wu made the Ottoke’s Song.

SUBJECT: MEET the final segment

For the final segment of the fanmeeting, Ong Seong Wu performed “Why Didn’t I Know” (왜 몰랐었을까). The song is an official soundtrack for the drama more than friends. For the encore scene, he thanked fans in the venue as well as those watching online.

He is grateful to them for being with him and supporting him. Before singing his last song, he posed for a photo with the crowd. He said that although the lyrics of the song he was about to sing might sound strong, it was not at all how he felt at the moment. The reason he chose it is that the rhythm is lively.

He then sang “BYE BYE”, another track from his mini album. LAYERS. Ong Seong Wu left the stage with so much gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for WELO’s continued love and support.

Hellokpop would like to thank hellolive for providing access to the online fan meeting event. 2022 Ong Seong Wu 2nd Fan Meeting RE:MEET is brought to fans by Fantagio and King Kong ENM. The event was streamed live via hellolive.

Event covered by: Emylyn Castalla and abbyinhallyuland

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