Mayor Fulop joins HOT 97 to launch adolescent vaccine competition, boosting student immunizations ahead of schools reopening as youth immunizations lag across country



Mayor Fulop joins HOT 97 to launch adolescent vaccine competition, boosting student immunizations ahead of schools reopening as youth immunizations lag across country

While Delta variant triples local cases, Jersey City targets the worst performing vaccination group with innovative competition

CITY OF JERSEY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop and Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services announce a new partnership with HOT Ebro 97, co-host of the radio show “Ebro in the Morning”, to launch a vaccine incentive program for adolescents directly targeting Jersey City students as they prepare to return to school the month next. Jersey City’s nine public high schools will enter the competition from August 4-14. The two high schools with the highest vaccination rates at the end of the contest will win tickets to the HOT 97 Summer Jam concert at MetLife Stadium for all vaccinated students.

As in most cities across the country, adolescent vaccination rates are under 50% in Jersey City compared to the city’s overall population, which exceeds 70%. With a large majority of the increasing cases of the Delta variant found among unvaccinated people, the goal of the Jersey City Summer Jam competition is to increase access and incentives specifically for adolescents, the least vaccinated age group to. United States.

“Most vaccination incentive programs do not target our young people where there is a significant vaccination gap nationwide. That’s why we take a different approach with Summer Jam, to create positive peer pressure and meet teens where they are to really entice them with major prizes that are particularly appealing to their age group, ”he said. declared Mayor Fulop. “We hope to encourage many more students to get vaccinated before the start of the school year, and we have additional incentives for the families who join them.”

“Mayor Fulop has partnered with HOT 97 and Summer Jam. You can get tickets for the Summer Jam, but you have to make sure you get the shot, ”said Ebro, co-host of HOT 97’s “Ebro in the Morning”. “It is difficult for parents, especially to vaccinate adolescents. As September approaches, it is time to return to classrooms for many students. And so, this is a major announcement.

In addition to Summer Jam tickets, families accompanying a student to a vaccination site will win a $ 50 Shoprite gift card.

Jersey City currently has 50 existing vaccination sites throughout the city, including Ferris High School. In partnership with the Jersey City Schools, the city will also be opening three new venues at Dickson, Snyder and Lincoln high schools throughout the duration of the contest. High school sites will provide the Pfizer vaccine to anyone who is eligible and wishes to be vaccinated.

“We have the necessary safeguards in place as most of our 30,000 students return to school next month, but it is up to the students to do their part and get vaccinated to add all the layers of protection. possible for the safety of all, “said Jersey City Schools Superintendent, Franklin Walker. “I hope our students can see past all the misinformation that is circulating and use this contest to increase our immunization rates as we count, for the first time in two years, to the first day of school. . “

“As the most diverse city in the country, we had to work a lot harder to target hard-to-reach populations early on. By implementing innovative approaches, our efforts have proven to be successful, and this competition is the latest awareness-raising initiative aimed at getting the under-performing population to get vaccinated before September, ”said Stacey Flanagan, Director of Health and Social Services.

Participating high schools will be separated into two categories based on their size to ensure equity: schools with less than 500 students and schools with more than 500 students. One school from each group will win Summer Jam concert tickets for all vaccinated students. The winning school will be announced on August 17, 2021 on HOT 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” program.

“HOT 97’s Summer Jam is making a major comeback, and we all can’t wait to come out and enjoy the music live,” said Brad Tobin, President and Chief Operating Officer of MediaCo Holding Inc. “COVID-19 safety protocols remain a priority and the entire production team works in close consultation with MetLife Stadium, as well as state and federal guidelines to keep our fans and staff safe.”

“The return of HOT 97 Summer Jam is iconic and shows the resilience of hip hop and the world. We are hosting an experience to celebrate life, hip hop and the future of entertainment. Our team is grateful for our feedback and the support of fans around the world and look forward to welcoming everyone to MetLife Stadium, ”said TT Torrez from HOT 97.

Free Uber rides are available to and from immunization appointments for all students. Anyone needing transportation can notify the call center when making an appointment for the vaccine. Students must show their school-issued ID to ensure an accurate count for the competition.

The four secondary school vaccination sites will be open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. until August 14, 2021.

To make an appointment for a vaccine, please call 201-373-2316 or visit Walk-ins are also welcome.


Bespoke Health is a healthcare company focused on providing assistance to stop the spread of COVID-19 through testing and vaccination operations for local and state governments.


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MediaCo Holding Inc. (“MediaCo”) is a publicly traded media company (NASD: MDIA) that oversees communities across the country. MediaCo owns and operates two of New York’s leading urban radio stations, HOT 97 (WQHT-FM) and WBLS-FM, as well as Fairway Outdoor, an outdoor advertising company with more than 3,500 faces in the Southeastern States. -United. The company mainly generates revenue from advertising sales and events.

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