Matthew Good goes on stage rant, says unvaccinated should be shot


It’s not the first time he’s been in hot water.

At a concert in Nanaimo on Tuesday night (October 18), Vancouver musician Matthew Good, singer and songwriter of the Matthew Good Band, launched into a rant that doesn’t sit well with the internet.

Good was playing a solo set and between songs he suggested that unvaccinated people be put on planes to Congo. In a video shared on social media, he was heard saying “then they can come down and, like 14-year-olds, can shoot them with AK-47s.”

The video is nearly a minute long and it appears he started by complaining about the protesters. His comments were initially met with cheers, although some members of the crowd expressed shock when he came to the end of his thought. When he finished speaking, the crowd applauded.

Since the video was posted, reactions and interpretations of Good’s lyrics online have ranged from disappointment to anger. Some people take his comments seriously and call Good a fascist while others suggest it was a tasteless joke.

Good was also struggling last year and was dropped by his record label due to allegations of abuse taken from him by former girlfriend, model and music producer Hayley Mather. Good denied the allegations.

This latest incident has led some people to call for the cancellation of his upcoming shows in Canadian cities like Banff.


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