Luke Bryan 2022 ‘Farm Tour’: What is it? Where can you buy tickets? Six Farm Mini-Tour Dates, Cost, Details


One of country music’s biggest stars is heading to the farm.

Six of them, in fact.

Luke Bryan has an upcoming “Farm Tour” in 2022 where he will perform at six different farms across the country in nine days.

“I look forward to these shows every year, mostly because of the meaning behind them and why it was important for me to start the Farm Tour 13 years ago,” Bryan said. “It allowed communities that don’t normally host a concert in their area to experience a fun night in their backyard while elevating Farmer America. Small town and agriculture pretty much sum up my childhood. It’s my way of life and I know it’s a way of life for many. It’s really the highlight of my year for me and my whole team.

Bryan’s 2022 ‘Farm Tour’ schedule with cheapest tickets as of 05/09/22:

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