Live performances are back as Southern Illinois Music Festival kicks off


CARBAONDALE (WSIL) – The 17th annual Southern Illinois Music Festival kicks off with more than a dozen performances from talented artists from across the country.

“The festival has a dozen and a half performances. Some are free. Everything else is reasonably priced. The opera is here at the Shryrock Auditorium. We have four or five performances at the First United Church of Carbondale,” explains artistic director Edward Benyas.

Benyas says they will be presenting a variety of chamber orchestral and chamber music performances, but the opera has a unique twist. “It’s called ‘Covid fan tutte’. It’s an opera by Mozart which was originally called ‘Così fan tutte’ and it’s one of the greatest operas ever written and it’s brilliantly put to updated by our director Josh Shaw. He updated the opera house to be put on a golf course during the current pandemic. “

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Benyas and the artists say the production provides a spectacle that everyone can relate to.

“There are so many references to our collective 2020 pandemic experience in the show. I have a feeling for the audience that this will be a truly cathartic experience to have because we have all been through a rough time in 2020 and this It’s nice to be able to laugh about it, ”says Brian Cheney, performing artist.

“We’ve been craving live music for so long and now is the time. I just think it’s a staple in the community and we’re doing a great job. We all do a great job and we have a lot. love for this festival and for the community, ”adds Michelle Ford, performing artist.

No reservation is necessary, tickets will be available at the door. For more information on the different events available, click on here.


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