Lil Nas X recognizes SonicFox at a concert and brings the fighting game champ to the stage to dance


There’s seemingly never a dull moment in the life of the one and only Dominique “EG | SonicFox” McLean if last week is to be believed.

Not only was the multi-title fighting game champion personally challenged by rapper Waka Flocka on a Mortal Kombat setbut Lil Nas X also spotted them in the middle of the artist’s concert and invited them on stage.

McLean wasn’t recording during the dream-come-true moment for any gig-goer, but thankfully other fans were and were sharing the videos online.

“Oh my god Sonic!” Lil Nas X exclaimed. “Oh my god. What are you doing here ? You confused me.

There don’t appear to be any clips of the rapper putting SonicFox on stage, but Tree posted one of them descending with the other dancers – and there are plenty of photos too.

Considering how important they are and what they’ve both done for LGBTQ representation in their respective communities, it’s not that surprising that Lil Nas X knows who SonicFox is.

Seeing a fighting game player receive recognition in the middle of such a big gig is still wild here in 2022.

What’s even crazier is that this isn’t the first time a rapper has called out the fighting game community on a show because Lupe Fiasco also praised RobTV and Tasty Steve a few weeks ago.

Banner sources: Tree and Chip_fur.


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