“Jay Chou The Invincible Concert Tour” available exclusively on Apple Music


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With the pandemic putting many live concerts on hold, Jay Chou the invincible concert tour allows fans to reinvent themselves at a concert and indulge in an immersive live atmosphere, with over 20 well-known Chou classics over the years.

Available on Apple Music, the album was recorded on the hero’s career show Mandopop, with a hit list spanning the gamut of his eclectic and innovative style.

Remastered in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos and available exclusively on Apple Music, the recording immerses you directly into the crowd and on stage.

A big thank you to all the fans who have supported me all along. After growing up with me for the past 20 years, I believe they will continue to see me surpass myself in the future. Hope Chinese pop music can get more attention in the world

Jay chou

to listen Jay Chou the invincible concert tour in Spatial Audio exclusively on Apple Music here.

But if you want more, there is also Jay Chou Universe, a series of curated collections and playlists to honor the iconic artist. You can find it here.

Apple Music is also available on other platforms


If you don’t own an Apple product, you can still listen Jay Chou The invincible concert tour. Apple Music is available on popular smart TVs, smart speakers, Android, and Windows.

As Apple Music is a subscription, there is no additional charge to listen to the album.

However, you won’t get the Spatial Audio experience unless you are using the latest version of Apple Music on an Apple device and using compatible Apple headphones or Beats.

What is spatial audio?

It’s a virtual soundstage that’s bigger, detailed, and richer than stereo. It is paired with the latest dynamic head tracking technology released in iOS15.

Dynamic Head Tracking follows the subtle movements of your head to give a more compelling illusion that music is coming from all around you, not just your headphones.

If you turn your head, the sound will redirect itself around you.

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