IU will offer free concert ticket to fans who stop scalpers, Uaenas says ‘actually a genius’


Looks like there’s a reason the general public dubbed IU as “the nation’s sweetheart.” For his historic concert at the Olympic Stadium, the K-pop idol is going all out to make sure Uaenas (IU fans) have the best experience, even if that means eliminating ticket sellers. Ticket resellers are a threat to viewers as they use automated tricks to bulk buy tickets and then resell them for a much higher price, as in the case of BTS and Stray Kids. But IU also has a few tricks up her sleeve as she enlisted her own fans to stop them by giving them free tickets and merchandise.

A few days before the pre-sale for fanclub members, IU’s label Edam Entertainment shared a policy to hunt down ticket sellers. They shared: “Of all tickets purchased through alternative ticketing platforms, those purchased through illegal means, including those acquired through bulk purchase, those purchased through premium transaction sites, those sold / purchased on personal social networks, etc. will be considered fraudulent. All attendees must purchase tickets for the concert in person.”

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IU uses fans to enforce ticketing policies

Besides scalpers, there are also fans who engage in illegal resales that Edam hopes to put a stop to. They added that if any fanclub members took advantage of the presale to resell IU tickets for a higher price, their membership would be revoked and they would be blacklisted and banned from all future IU events. They will also not be able to obtain a new membership.


To reinforce the enforcement of these policies, Edam will cancel all tickets that they suspect have been resold and purchased by illegal means. Uaenas who learn of scalpers or illegal sellers can report directly to the label and earn rewards. UI will offer a free ticket at his concert at the Olympic Stadium. If the fan already has a ticket, they will receive special products.


‘UI for president’

Fans were impressed with IU and tweeted like “That’s actually genius.” Another Uaena posted, “And that’s why we say iu for president, equity and no celebrity privileges…buy tickets like everyone else or stay home.” A non-fan wrote, “These people are really good at their jobs.” Another hoped: “Love it. Now let’s hope it becomes the industry standard everywhere. Do whatever it takes to make ticket purchases fair and advertised prices. Absolutely destroy the scalping industry.


One joked, “Other companies better be like: . One fan wrote: “All entertainment agencies should take note of 📝 how to combat illegal ticket sales and scalpers Yeah I’m talking about you: JYP HYBE @ygent_official @SMTOWNGLOBAL This is, I guess, another FIRST of IU and EDAM.”

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