Intelligent Fingerprinting’s Simple Saliva-Based COVID-19 Test Now CE Marked and Available for Sale


LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Intelligent Fingerprinting has announced that its saliva-based COVID-19 test is now CE marked and is available for sale. The new VSS-GP COVID-19 saliva test uses a simple swab to collect saliva just inside the cheek, providing a much easier alternative to current throat and nose tests that can cause nausea, sneezing or distress when taking samples.

Easier and more comfortable COVID-19 tests

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s reliable and easy-to-use saliva-based lateral flow test supports frequent COVID-19 testing for applications such as schools, workplaces, nursing homes, nursing homes, health, airports, sporting events, concerts and prisons.

Minimize the use of plastic

The Intelligent Fingerprinting COVID-19 test strip uses minimal plastic. It does not have any of the plastic housings usually associated with lateral flow testing, which helps to significantly reduce its environmental impact. The test strip is approximately 95% lighter than traditional lateral flow devices, reducing the environmental impact of packaging and shipping.

Intelligent Fingerprinting Executive Chairman Philip Hand: “Regular COVID-19 testing continues to be a part of our daily lives, so it is essential that we make the whole process as easy and comfortable as possible. Our saliva-based test responds directly to this challenge, combining much simpler sample collection with high levels of precision. I am delighted that our test is now CE marked and we anticipate strong demand from markets around the world.

How it works

A swab is used to collect the saliva sample from the inside of the lower cheek, which is then mixed with a reagent buffer that has been pre-added to the collection tube to release the virus into solution. The screening test is performed by inserting the end of the test strip into the sample, providing a positive or negative result at 20 minutes. No instrumentation is required. The test uses gold immunonanoparticle technology to allow visual detection of bound antigen via a control line and a red line on the test strip when a saliva sample is positive for the SARS-CoV- antigen. 2.


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