IMAX sees future of streaming, could pivot to concerts and live events


Now, with pandemic rules starting to loosen across the country, we could see an increase in theater audiences again. But with many movies going straight to streaming, the sheer volume of content on streaming services, and people’s nerves still on edge about yet another variant popping up, the movies might not be enough to keep people coming back for more. movies that aren’t events like “Dune” and “Spider-Man: No Coming Home.” If you can see it on a small screen, people will probably see it.

With that in mind, IMAX has been busy in terms of events. The company recently held a screening of “The Tragedy of Macbeth” with a live Q&A with star Frances McDormand and director Joel Coen, a Q&A with Steven Spielberg for “West Side Story” and a Q&A with Peter Jackson after an IMAX-only release. from the Disney+ documentary “The Beatles: Get Back.” It’s a win-win here for the companies behind it all. Streamers, as the site points out, can make an event out of their work, and with the sheer volume of content available, that makes sense as a way to stand out. Also, IMAX collects cigarette butts from these theater seats.

“If you don’t keep reinventing yourself, you’re not going to move your business forward,” Gelfond told THR. “So we’ve been working on events for a few years, what we informally call IMAX 3.0. The world is changing and the movie industry is changing.”


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