How to watch the band’s “Proof Live” performance


On June 10, BTS released an anthology album titled Evidence. The album features three CDs that include old BTS hits, never-before-seen demos, and new songs. One of the new songs is the album’s first single “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”. On June 13, BTS’s Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will perform the songs in a performance titled Evidence Live. Here’s how BTS fans can watch the septet Live proof performance.

BTS | Photo courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

How ARMY can watch BTS’ “Proof Live” concert

BTS coming soon Live proof The event will take place on June 13. To watch the performance, fans simply need to tune in to the band’s BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

BTS Evidence Live The performance will begin airing on the channel here at 8 a.m. EDT and 9 p.m. KST on June 13.

The official poster for Live proof shows Jin, Jungkook, V, RM, Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope sitting on chairs in the middle of the desert. Each holding microphones, the seven members of BTS are surrounded by musical equipment.

The poster also teases that the concert’s upcoming livestream will feature a “special guest.”

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BTS will perform ‘new’ songs during ‘Proof Live’

According to a press release, the Live proof concert is part of a “9th anniversary celebration of the band” and the band will “reveal the performance of new tracks” from Evidence.

There are three new songs on Evidence as well as two previously unreleased tracks. “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” is the first single from the album, and BTS released a music video for the song on June 10.

“Run BTS” is a hip-hop track included on the album’s second CD. “For Youth” is another new song released on the album, and it’s a song dedicated to BTS’ fan base, ARMY.

Evidence also includes two previously unreleased tracks, “Young Love” and “Quotation Mark”. “Young Love” is a sub-unit with Jungkook and RM, and “Quotation Mark” with J-Hope, RM and Jungkook.

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‘Proof’ includes three song CDs

Although it seems likely that BTS will perform “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”, “Run BTS” and “For Youth” during Live proofthe album contains dozens of songs.

The complete tracklist of Evidence can be viewed below.

Evidence CD No. 1 track listing:

  1. “Born Singer”
  2. “No More Dream”
  3. “NOPE”
  4. “Boy in Love”
  5. “Danger”
  6. “I NEED YOU”
  7. “CLASSES”
  8. “Burn (fire)”
  9. “Blood Sweat Tears”
  10. “Spring Day”
  11. “DNA”
  12. “FAKE LOVE”
  13. “IDOL”
  14. “Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)”
  15. “ON”
  16. “Dynamite”
  17. “Life goes on”
  18. “Butter”
  19. “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”

Evidence CD No. 2 track listing:

  1. “Run BTS”
  2. “Intro: Personas”
  3. “Stay”
  4. “Moon”
  5. “Never seen”
  6. “Trivia 轉: Swing”
  7. “BTS Cypher PT.3: KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi)”
  8. “Outro: Ego”
  9. “His”
  10. “Filtered”
  11. “Friends”
  12. “Singularity”
  13. “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”
  14. “Euphoria”
  15. “Dimple”

Proof CD No. 3 track listing:

  1. “Jump (demo version)”
  2. “Young Love”
  3. “Boy In Luv (Demo Ver.)”
  4. “quotation mark”
  5. “I NEED YOU (Demo Ver.)”
  6. “Boyz with Fun (Demo Ver.)”
  7. “Tony Montana (with Jimin)”
  8. “Young Forever (RM Demo Ver.)”
  9. “Spring Day (V Demo Ver)”
  10. “DNA (j-hope Demo Ver.)”
  11. “Epiphany (Jin Demo Ver.)”
  12. “Seesaw (Demo Version)”
  13. “Always With You (Acapella)”
  14. “For the young”

Live proof will premiere on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel at 8 a.m. EDT on June 13.

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