Family farmers show where Farm Aid money goes


The “Farm Aid” concert tour is coming to Raleigh on Saturday, September 24 to raise money for struggling family farms.

Journalist: Rick ArmstrongJob — Updated

the Farm Aid concert tour arrives in Raleigh tomorrow night to raise money for struggling family farms in North Carolina, agriculture and agribusiness is a $92.7 billion industry and employs 17% of the workforce -State work. it’s often an uphill battle this farm A farm tour bus arrived in north county durham in red at the bull city farm owned by joseph stirrup and samantha ghassan you can walk in with the pigs they are great nice fellow family members and advocates from all over the country met animals that are more like pets for Samantha Ghassan and her family making it profitable requires creativity and we do visits And then I teaches a lot of classes I do cheese making these visitors came to learn how to expand opportunities for others from all walks of life The Ray Jeffers family started their farm 103 years ago and passed it on to him. You don’t see it much now because there is a huge problem with Heir y kind of inheritance property having that proper title for maybe someone in the family who wants Ghassan and her husband were able to buy that land but she knows how hard it is to find available farmland Some are happy with short term leases even though they have to take years to make their work pay off all that stuff takes time and effort and you don’t want to do that if you have a three year lease to make a profit Feed prices have gone up a lot and it’s affecting you I mean I’m gonna have to raise another dollar this year for my Farm Aid eggs provides ways to keep family farms growing It’s always good to apply for this grant and get grants that we can use to set up the programs that allow farmers to keep farming It’s a challenge Everything is a challenge But I think farmers are mostly resilient people and we are we are small we are small business owners and small business owners are resilient people love the WRL news It’s hard work But we need that hard work The Farm Aid concert tomorrow the 24th will be a Credit Union Coastal Music Park at Walnut Creek in Raleigh It starts at 11am from morning until midnight with a long list of rock, folk, country and bluegrass artists


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