Eugene, Oregon, shooting: 6 injured in a concert hall


Police Chief Chris Skinner told reporters early Saturday morning that one victim was in critical condition after “certainly one of the most high-profile shootings we’ve had in the city of Eugene.”

This person was undergoing surgery, he said. He did not know the status of the others who had been shot.

The shooting happened during a Lil Bean and Zay Bang show, police said.

“Reports came in at 9:29 p.m. of multiple shots being fired at WOW Hall, 219 W. 8th Avenue. EPD and multiple law enforcement agencies responded, along with Eugene Springfield Fire,” police tweeted.

Skinner asked any witnesses with video or audio of the incident to assist police.

“We just need people to feel comfortable and present this so that we can better understand what happened and better identify our suspect,” he said. “All we know at this point is that we have a man wearing a hoodie who was seen running west…immediately after the shooting.”

WOW Hall Acting Executive Director Deb Maher and Board Chair Jaci Guerena released a statement on the site’s website and called the shooting “unprecedented.”

“There is not a lot of information currently available, but we heard gunshots in the rear parking lot. The motives are not yet known. We know that some people were injured, but we do not know the extent of the injuries, and we don’t want to speculate,” the statement read.


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