Dylan Doyle and Gold Dust Women Concerts Arrive at Baraboo Theater This Weekend | Regional news


Dylan Doyle poses for a portrait on August 21 at his home in Woodstock, New York. He will be giving an album release concert at 7 p.m. Friday at the Al. Ringling Theater in Baraboo.

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“It’s one of the best sound venues I think I’ve ever set foot in, let alone performed,” he said.

His trio are on tour this week, performing in two cities in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. The concert will be an album release show where his band will perform songs from the new album, as well as some he has written since then. Doyle said that many songs are topical, based on his observations of current events.

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Tom McEvilly, CEO of the theater, said Doyle has been compared to guitarist Eric Clapton and should put on a “really wonderful” show.

With influences from Bob Dylan and Bill Withers to Jimi Hendrix, Doyle’s style “sits somewhere in Americana, roots, rock and jazz,” according to a new theater release. He shared the stage with bandmates from Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Otis Redding and Little Feat.

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Marks said Meghan Rose formed Gold Dust Women in 2015 in Madison, where most of them still live. The other members are Annelies Howell, Kelly Maxwell, Ginny Kincaid and Ellie Erickson.

“We were just going to do this song, but everyone loved it so much that we kept booking shows,” Marks said.

Rose now living in New York City, they don’t perform together often anymore.


Gold Dust Women, left to right, Annelies Howell, Ginny Kincaid, Kelly Maxwell, Ellie Erickson and Meghan Rose perform on February 8, 2020 at the Al. Ringling Theater in Baraboo. The six-member Fleetwood Mac tribute group will take on the Al. scene again at 7 p.m. Saturday.

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“It’s tough for Meghan to get here, so we’ve just decided to put all of our energy into this one show at Al. Ringling for this year,” Marks said.


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