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A concert hall with a rich past, The Wiltern has hosted global music icons such as Madonna, tears of fearand Bjork over the years. Today (July 18 PH/SG/MY Standard Time), his guests are Dream Catcherwho have more than earned their place in the Los Angeles-based theater’s star-studded guestbook.

The K-pop girl group was there, for the second time in the space of two days, to conclude the American part of their “Apocalypse: Save us” world Tour. They are joined not only by those in the packed house, but also by InSomnias worldwide via live broadcast on the concert streaming platform Veeps.

Titled after the septet’s second studio album, the tour was a much-needed victory lap for Dreamcatcher, who have enjoyed a meteoric rise since their last visit to the United States as part of their Nightmare City World Tour Invitation in 2019. In addition to increasing their viewership with each release, the group earned their first two music show wins and honored the 2022 edition of the prestigious Primavera Sound Festival.

As soon as JiU, SuA, siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Damianand Gahyeon burst into song and dance for the opening number ‘House’ – which made them music show champions earlier this year – it’s easy to see why the whole world is so enthralled by them. Their live rendition of the title track from Apocalypse: Save Us is performed with such energy and conviction that it instantly ignites the stage and draws an enthusiastic reception from the crowd present. The Wiltern is now owned by Dreamcatcher.

Then, wasting no time, the band continues to showcase their distinctive rock sound through their 2019 hit. ‘PIRI’ before displaying their versatility through a selection of B-side tracks from different eras. “Locked Inside a Door”, ‘Jazz bar’and ‘Black or white’ all are in this segment, but the two most notable figures are ‘Still’ and ‘I can’t get you out of my mind’.

A ballad and an upbeat EDM track, the songs sound different on the surface, but lyrically they both reflect the symbiotic bond between Dreamcatcher and their fans.

This bond is visible during the band’s moving live performance of “Always,” during which all of the members can be seen gazing fondly at InSomnias. In response, the InSomnias present raise their recognizable glow sticks (known as “Mongmongies”) and swing them from side to side. Beautiful and intimate, it’s a form of interaction that has been sorely missed by Dreamcatcher and its fans.

“Los Angeles means ‘angels’ in Spanish. The song ‘Always’ is a letter to our angels, our Somnias,” SuA shares.

“The main thing we achieved this year was our first win,” says JiU.

“Thank you very much. It’s all your efforts,” Yoohyeon added.

Shortly after, ‘Can’t get you out of my mind’ completely changed the mood within The Wiltern. The infectious all-English track has the band and their fans bouncing ecstatically in celebration of their special relationship.

2022 has been a year of many highlights for Dreamcatcher, one being the release of seven solo titles as part of Apocalypse: Save Us. Each song showcases the individuality of a band member, who also contributed their lyrics.

In the middle of the concert, the members of Dreamcatcher take turns to show their creations by interpreting excerpts from them. These short performances are a far cry from traditional solo scenes, but they do open up opportunities for fun interactions within the band.

It is revealed that SuA ‘No dot’ is the song whose choreography members will have to put their own spin on, and Dami, Siyeon, Handong, and Yoohyeon are selected to take on the challenge. Cheered on by their bandmates and fans, they deliver short but entertaining performances. It’s immediately apparent that the Dreamcatcher members support each other in their solo endeavors, and it’s during this segment that their brotherly love shines through.

Familiar numbers from the band’s eclectic discography, including ‘Because’, “Strange Eye”, ‘Scream’, ‘BOCA’and ‘Déjà vu’, fill out the rest of the setlist. Despite the fact that this is their ninth show in less than three weeks, their movements are as lively as ever and their energy levels never wane. This speaks to Dreamcatcher’s strong commitment to their craft and serves as a reminder that they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“I really hope [that] one day, Dreamcatcher will enter the Hall of Fame,” JiU said when chatting about LA’s reputation as an arts haven and Hollywood glamour, adding that she will continue to work hard.

Although they’ve risen to fame and had more success over the past few years, Dreamcatcher are still the same humble, relatable, and endearing band they were when they debuted in 2017.

“I was actually worried, because we hadn’t been on tour for a while, that our fans had forgotten about us. I was touched to see that there are so many more people who want to see us. “, shares Dami.

The last song of the day is “New Days”, which has recently become a regular closing number for the group’s shows. Brimming with optimism, it’s not only the perfect song to wrap up a memorable concert, but also a harbinger of exciting new days ahead for Dreamcatcher.

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