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Dam-funk (Photo by John Anderson)

Free week

Traditionally, Austin Music’s fiscal year kicks off with a series of shows priced at $ 0.00. Pay for this generosity by discovering your new favorite band and buying merchandise. Here are some selections from the first six nights of the Extended Nine Day Free “Week”.

Dâm-Funk, Steam Caves, Austin Boogie Crew

Mohawk, Saturday 1

An out-of-town addition to the no-cost concert bonanza, Resound Presents rings in legendary Los Angeles producer Dâm-Funk. Everything in the name, the prolific boogie ambassador epitomizes modern funk – from the definition of mid-90s hip-hop instrumentation to the solo art backed by Stones Throw, to revealing anthologies revisited like the 2010s Teenage Funk. The rest of the evening puts their finger on Austin’s proponents of the genre: the electro-funk-influenced duo Vapor Caves, featuring singer Yadira Brown and producer BoomBaptist, and the Austin Boogie Crew record collective devoted to sounds ” soulful, synth-heavy, club friendly “. . – Rachel Rascoe

Eagle Claw, Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol, Ungrieved

Mohawk, Monday 3

The Free Week is not only a chance to see new faces, but also a good time to check in with old favorites. Eagle Claw metal instrument destroyers consistently kill, answering the question, “What if Metallica just shut up and just play?” on the last album Vallis. Rickshaw eight-string guitar fanatics Billie’s Burger Patrol continue to celebrate the release of last year’s debut album Burger Babes … from outer space! with doom grungy groove. The Death Metal Ungrieved flag bearers, with Gary Rosas of Mala Suerte, crush the skulls first. – Michael Toland

Representation of guilt

Vegas Hotel, Monday 3

Screamo’s bands don’t exactly “cross over”, especially those with unprintable sacrilegious album titles, but Portrait of Guilt left 2021 looking like ambassadors for the stage. Thank you the spectral of January, tormented We are always alone – an emotional apocalypse of unusual precision and accessible enough to earn a spot on several otherwise normal review lists. However, don’t count on the group to follow Turnstile on Seth Meyers. Muddy tempos and all blackened voices from last month’s rumble Motherfucker suggest a distant rejection of the kind that should lead to much more exciting places. Their materialization at Swass Night is accompanied by brand new bands: the intense experimenters Fuck Money (BLXPLTN / Future Death) and the sensory trio of doomgaze Dirt Pile each have a track, while the “heavy alt” project Hell Hole did not. not yet deposited tape. – Julian towers

Robert ellis (Photo by Jana Birchum)

Robert Ellis, Georgia Parker

Mohawk, Tuesday 4

Disney Pixar Movie 2015 Upside down documents a child in transition and the emotions that govern her: joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust. Find the five inside and out in an Americana stack at Mohawk for Free Week. The focal point of western swing in Big Cedar Fever, the inner opening Georgia Parker sings pure joy, while ATX’s great country baritone Willy McGee remains scary. Southwestern Altamesa Thorn Coolers retain a medium (wrath) streak of supernatural black roots. Outside, singer, guitarist and pianist Robert Ellis displays a melancholy streak throughout his countrypolitan presentation, while Austin bans Croy & the Boys stokes distaste for COVID idiocracy. This leaves the eccentric San Antonio C&W Garrett T. Capps as Upside down Support player “jangles” for his CenTex din. – Raoul Hernandez

Frosted Palms, Billy Glitter

Vegas Hotel, Wednesday 5th

Projects> Bump Day groups with a double list of acts that started off with psychedelia-tinged bedroom recordings. Bryan Dalle Molle pours dripping guitar waves into his mellow track 2019 Frosty Palms EP the arid interval, with ambient lo-fi tones in a homemade sound made for lovers. Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band guitarist William Grover presents Billy Glitter solo project, with EP 2021 Ranger bored scoring synth-based progressions atop an electric reverb and otherworldly bravado. – Mars Salazar

Flobama, Zeal

Swan Dive, Thursday 6

Last month, Zeale and Flobama released a collaborative clip in which Blackillac’s emcee rapped about the beatmaker’s drumming prowess. Hopefully they’ll reconnect to Swan Dive in a lineup that puts “free” into Free Week: like Zeale, Ben Buck is sinking freestyles as the barrage of creativity has been opened wide. All four performers are right at your fingertips on the sampler, while CloudChord excels at blending rhythm production with sleek, modern electric guitar styles.– Kevin Curtin

Melat (Photo by John Anderson)

Melat, p1nkstar, BluMoon

Mohawk, Thursday 6

Local sources of pop and R&B line up on an adventure of styles to choose from, with a special guest to be confirmed. The eclectic soul standard Mélat straddles the classic-hued torch song “The Lesson”, draped in illustrious vocal layers. Multihyphenate p1nkstar upped their concept of a hot pink superstar with the 2021 feature film for “Girls Like Us,” highlighting trans art and named after one of his propellant electro-pop tracks. San Marcos-launched group BluMoon offers elegant neo-jazz under the imaginative vocal direction of Kendra Sells. Come early for the Felt Out shimmering organic synthesizers and more.– Rachel Rascoe


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