Concerts are coming back to New York, but at what cost? $ 13,000?


In 2019, I had the chance to attend 60 concerts. This has dropped to around 5 gigs in total in 2020, so needless to say I’m very happy to go back to the amphitheatres, arenas and halls to listen to live music again, but at what cost?

Will artists and promoters try to recoup lost wages with huge ticket prices? It remains to be seen. What I can tell you is that the prices for fan resale sites and “ticket bots” are skyrocketing.

Look at him Elton john show as an example. The “Rocketman” will perform at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse on September 10, 2022 on his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road; The Final Tour ”. The original ticket prices had a face value starting at $ 55 plus fees. Today, via Lively seats for example, the top is asking $ 12,766 for a pair of top level tickets! That they get what they ask for is another thing. Supply and demand!

Most of us don’t have that kind of money to spend on a gig, so what can we do to save the money and continue to see our favorite artists? Here are some options:

  • Keep listening to us for a chance to win FREE tickets!
  • Join artists, often free, fan clubs, for access to presale opportunities at face value.
  • Try it Cash or trade application. They claim to be the only social network in the world where fans buy, sell and exchange tickets at face value.
  • Ticket Day – On the day of a concert it is likely to find very good tickets for a show to sell at face value. The promoters will release tickets that were withheld for various reasons and return them to the general public. If you’re willing to take a risk, you could end up with a good score.

The more we can save on each ticket, the more shows we can attend. See you at the show!

A collection of concert ticket stubs

Sometimes the best memory of a concert is the ticket stub. Seeing the group name, date and location can get you there in an instant.

SPAC in the 00s

Take a look at the bands that rocked the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in the 2000s.

SPAC in the 90s

Saratoga Performing Arts Center in the 90s


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