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(NBC) – One of the most popular bands in the world brings sustainability to every concert.

Coldplay has revamped its new world tour to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint while relying on its fans to literally power the stage they play on.

They kicked off their tour in Costa Rica where they spoke exclusively to NBC and Telemundo about the historic tour.

It is one of the largest groups in the world, now taking an environmental stance to match its status on the world stage.

This is exactly what a Coldplay concert will look like from now on. The British band have said they will not tour again until they are able to rock stadiums around the world in the cleanest and most sustainable way possible.

After finding the right formula, they launched their world tour in Costa Rica.

“Sometimes we talk about the things that are close to our hearts, but we also felt that we had to do our best in our business. It’s fine to point fingers at other people, but we have to do our best” , Chris Martin, the group said the lead singer.

From start to finish, every detail has been thought out to reduce their carbon footprint by at least half. Lights and screens consume less energy, the sound system consumes 50% less energy, the stage is made of bamboo and recycled steel.

The new pyrotechnics emit less explosive charges. Even the confetti is 100% biodegradable…

This time the concerts will be powered by a battery, the first of its kind, made from recycled BMW I3 car batteries and managed by the fans themselves.

This time around, Coldplay has installed these stationary bikes in each of its shows. The more fans pedaling, the more energy is created to keep the show going.

Those who prefer to dance do so on kinetic dance floors in the audience while giving the band the energy they need to put on one of the most exciting acts in show business.

“It’s a huge thing. Because the crowd always gives us energy and now they literally give us energy,” said guitarist Johnny Buckland.

It took the band two years to plan the tour that goes from the Americas to Europe and back. And while they admit it’s been a tough endeavour, they hope their example will inspire others to stay green.

“We want to show that some things work for other artists or others to say ok, you can still do well and consider all of that,” Martin said.

A huge commitment from one of the biggest bands in the world that combines music and sustainability, one gig at a time.

The Coldplay World Tour arrives in the United States on May 6 in Dallas, Texas.


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