Chris Brown Accused Of Keeping $1.1M Salary After Canceling Concert During Soundcheck


Breezy and Lil Baby hit the road for their “One Of Them Ones” tour earlier this week.

Chris Brown and Lil Baby embarked on their One of them tour earlier this week, kicking off in Raleigh, North Carolina, as the two artists record some of their biggest hits and dance moves to entertain their fans. Things seem to be off to a good start for the duo, although it looks like they may not be welcomed back to Houston, Texas next month as they expect.

On Saturday, July 16, reports began surfacing online accusing Brown of running away with a $1.1 million salary after he canceled a concert during the sound check earlier this year.

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images

As The shadow room reports, Local H-Town activist LeJuan Bailey talks about her alleged experience working with Brown, making it clear that she plans to take legal action against him for failing to keep his part of their deal.

Bailey shared that her real estate and construction company had booked the Costs hitmaker to appear at a benefit concert in the city on March 19 in hopes of raising money for Texans whose homes were damaged in Hurricane Ida.

She says Brown canceled during the sound check, shortly before he was supposed to perform, even after ticking all the boxes the R&B star asked for, including a private plane.

“I acted in good faith and sponsored this concert out of love and respect for residents in need,” Bailey explained. “I’m appalled that Chris Brown refused to reimburse me for a show he didn’t show up for after we advertised and sold tickets.

The last-minute cancellation left her with “a lot of hardship,” she continued. “At this point, I humbly believe that Chris Brown’s actions parallel pure theft.”

“He’s got the absolute nerve to take my money, hold up the people of Houston, and then go back to the city to perform on August 17th. My message to Chris Brown: We won’t sit idly by and let you miss out. of respect to the victims of Hurricane Ida. and Nicolas in need.”

Bailey hopes to see the 33-year-old return the money she spent on her accommodation, also noting that her team have allegedly ignored her earlier attempts to resolve the situation – check back with HNHH later for any updates on the allegations.



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